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GED US History vocab

Vocab, Missouri GED On-Line, Social Studies: U.S. History

abolitionist a person who fought to end slavery
amendment an addition or change, especially to a law or legal document, such as the Constitution
apprentice a young person who works for a period of years to learn a skill or trade from a craftsperson
colony a settlement with close political ties to its parent country; colonists live in these settlements
communism a system of government with a single party and state ownership of almost all property
democracy a form of government in which the people rule
immigrant a person who leaves his or her homeland for a new life in another country
indentured legally bound to work for someone for a certain number of years, generally in exchange for passage to a new homeland
industrialize to replace human labor with machines
labor union an organization of workers who try to get better wages, benefits, and working conditions
manifest destiny the belief that it is the nation's future to strech from ocean to ocean
manufacture to make or produce goods
progressives people who worked for the improvement of workers' lives and other reforms
secede to break away from a nation and form a separate nation
segregation the seperation of groups of people, usually by race
self-sufficient dependent only on oneself for life's necessities