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ms studdies

midterm exam

Precipitation Rain snow and hail
Topography Physical features such as mountains hills and plateus
Flora Natural vegetation on land
Fauna Refers to animal life
What is the size of Ms compared to other States? 32nd place in size
Ms mineral resources Petroleum,natural gas,gravel,sanf
Ms natural hazards Drought hurricanes floods and thunderstorms
Climate Humid subtropical
David Holmes was? The first governed of ms
Who's searched for gold and silver and did not find any? And also brought diseases back Hernando desoto
Who were the first Europeans in Ms? Spanish
Three largest Indian tribes in Ms? Natches Choctaw and chickasaw
Most important result of desotos expedition Explored the south eastern part of north america
1 and 2 territorial capitals of Ms? 1. Natches and 2. Washington
1 and 2 territorial governers of ms 1.W.c.c Claiborne and 2.Winthrop sargent
Greenwood leflore was? Pushmatahas nephew who helped negotiate the treaty of dancing rabbit
Antebellum means? Before the war
Plantions are? Large farms
Trail of tears The Indian territory
Segregation is Seperating whites and blacks
Lynching is? Mob murder by hanging shooting or burning
Share croppers are? Persons who did not own land they farmed, the house they lived in, or often the tools they used
Theodore bilbo Man of the people. Governer in1915, worked with legislature to pass a # of progressive reforms
Patronage Appointing Pol to government positions az rewards for political support
Culture The way we think about and do things
Folk culture Passed on informally by story tellers, musicians, and artists in the form of quilting, home remedies,baskets and so on.
Jimmie rodgers Father of country music
Elvis Presley King of rock n roll, born in tupelo
Created by: harmonee
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