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Middle East

The prophet who founded the religion of Islam Muhammad
Belief (first pillar of Islam) The first Pillar of Islam is for the believer to testify, in Arabic, that "There is no god but God and that Muhammad is His messenger." This phrase, known as the shahada, (sha-HEH-da) or Profession of Faith.
Worship (second pillar of Islam) The second Pillar of Islam is to worship God five times a day.
Fasting (third pillar of Islam) The third Pillar of Islam is to abstain from food and drink, as well as other things, between sunrise and sunset during the month of Ramadan.
Alms giving ( fourth pillar of Islam) Almsgiving (Zakat) The fourth Pillar of Islam is to give alms to the poor. Muslims are supposed to donate a fixed amount of their property to charity every year.
Pilgrimage (fifth pillar of Islam) The fifth Pillar of Islam is to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in one's lifetime.
A journey to a shrine or sacred place Pilgrimage
What natural resource does the Middle East have a lot of which has caused economies to grow in certain countries? Oil
The majority of Middle Eastern people speak... Arabic
The majority of Middle Eastern Muslim women wear... Hijabs
Nomadic people of North Africa and the Middle East Bedouins
Muslim women wear Hijabs ... As a sign of modesty, to hide their beauty, religious obligations, reminder to behave in a respectful manner.
An organization set up in 1945 to work for world peace and security. United Nations
The belief in one god. Monotheism
mosque, church, synagogue Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Why do people settle along the coastlines in the Middle East? The interior of the Middle East is dry with very little water.
Why do the Palestinians and Israelis continue to have conflict. The Israelis and the Palestinians both think the same piece of land is their homeland and are fighting for control.
Government headed by a religious leader? Theocracy
The most important part of the religious book for the Jewish people. Torah
Leveling off the side of a mountain so that water will collect and other purposes Terracing
An organization that influences the price of oil. OPEC
Things the Middle Eastern countries have in common Some have oil based economies, some have similar geography, the most common religion is Islam
Oases were important for ancient Arabians because it was important for trade, it was a resting place for camels, it was used for irrigation
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