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Chpt 16 & 17 Review

Explain the beliefs behind Manifest Destiny The Americans needed more land, economic growth, and they were blessed by God.
Explain the signifigance of the eagle with no feathers Mexico was humiliated
U.S. leaders were angry because Mexico had ordered U.S. settlers to leave what area? California
Which group did the Mexicans call the Texas Devils? The Texas Rangers
What were the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago? Rio Grande was the border, U.S. paid the $3.25 million for settlement, and 529,000 square miles were sold to the U.S for $15 million.
How did the Texas Rangers complicate the war effort during the Mexican War? They refused to follow orders.
How did the Compromise of 1850 help determine where the border of Texas would be? It set the border between Texas and New Mexico
When Texas and the federal government called for an end to the reservation system in the 1850s, what was it replaced by? reservation removal
What was the main purpose of the line of forts bult by the federal government along the Rio Grande to the Trinity River To protect settlers and travel routes
In the late 1850s, who did settlers hold responsible for their Indian problems? The Federal Government, they wanted the Indians removed.
Why did the US army have to abandon the original line of forts and build new ones further west? Settlers kept on pushing further west
Once Texas became a state, who was responsible for solving conflicts with the American Indians? The Federal Government
When the government realized that building forts was not stopping the violence between Indians and settlers, what did it do? They built reservations
In the 1850s, Texas became an important part of the ______ ____, the southern region that grew most of the country's cotton. cotton belt
Why did Texas's African American population grow enormously in the 1850s? Southerners moved to Texas and brought their slaves.
What was the Texas economy based mostly on? agriculture
How were abolitionists treated in Texas? How were thry treated throughout the south? forced to leave Texas
Describe slavery in the 1860's Most common when cotton was produced
How were the Texas Rangers started? They were named after English horsemen
What caused the Mexican War? Conflicts rose between Mexico and the U.S. after Texas was annexed because of the border
Who commanded the American forces? Zachary Taylor
Who commanded the Mexican forces? Santa Anna
What did the Texas Rangers do in the Mexican War? They were the 1st line of defense, and they played a sweet and sour role.
What were the achievements of General Winfield Scott? He and the Texas Rangers captured Mexico City
Why did the Mexicans fear the U.S. after Texas annexation? They thought that the U.S. was going to take over Mexico.
Created by: kirbylovergirl