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Rev. War Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The War for Independance

Independence freedom from being ruled by someone else
Rights freedoms that are protected by law
Declaration a statement that declares, or announces an idea
Treason the crime of fighting against one's own government; a betrayal
Loyalist someone who was still loyal to the king
Inflation a rise in prices
Neutral not taking sides
Retreat to move back when an enemy attacks
Victory the defeat of an army
Mercenary a solder who is paid to fight
Strategy a plan of action for fighting in a war
Surrender to give up to another in a battle or war
Traitor someone who is not loyal to his or her country; betrayer who was this man name below
Describe the events that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence list them below
State the main ideas in the Declaration and explain their significance
Explain why different groups of people chose to be partiots or loyalists
Describe some hardships Americans faed during the war
Describe the results of the major Revolutionary War battles that were fought in the North
Analyze how aid from Europe affected the war
Describe the results of the major Revolutionary War Battles that were fought in the South and West.
Explain how the Americans won the war
What did Thomas Paine say was the only solution to unfair treatment of Britain? The colonies had to become independent.
What were the delegates concerned about regardingd independence? They were worried Britain was too strong to fight against and that not enough colonists would want independence.
What did Thomas Jefferson say about rights in the Declaration of Independence? all people have rights and no one can take them away. The big 3- life, liberty, and persuit of happinesss.
"all men are created equal" What does that mean? all people are the same, no one is better than someone else.
Why did they sign their names for the Declaration of Independance? They believed in what they said.
Why was it so remarkable that the colonies decided to rule themselves? the were no longer relying on the king to lead them.
Which side had the most americans supporting the war? 1/2 to patriots
Which groups of people becamse loyalsists? Wealthy merchants, slaves, indians
Why did the Cherokee support Britain? Hoped to keep settlers from stealing their land.
Why did slaves become patriots? become a soldier and become free.
How were people affected when battles broke out? Had to leave their homes, robbed, homes destroyed.
Why did some merchants/farmers wait to sell? They hoped prices would go up and they would earn more.
Which army was better prepared? Britishpr
Why do you think a cause was an advantage for the americans? people would try harder when they believed in what they were doing.
Washingtion's plan for Trenton? attack christmas morning, when least expected it.
which european countries helped the Americans? Russia, France, neatherlands Spain.
How did von Stueben help the Army? better trained and disciplined.
Difficulties at Valley forge? food, shelter, disease
Why did the British change their strategy? they thought they could gain more loyalist support in the south.
What was the american strategy? fight, run, fight, run, make them tired and use up their supplies.
What was the last big battle? battle of yorktown
that two things did the treaty of paris give the u.s.? indenpendence and land
Created by: Team 5