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History chap 11

History 11

Alps Europes highest mountain range
Europe Only continent with no large desert
Caspar Sea Worlds largest lake
Mont Blac Highest mountain in the alps
Mt. elbrus Highest point in Europe
Rhine River Europes most important inland waterway
Polycarp Early Christian myrter who refused and blaspheme God
Huss Bohemian burned at the stake for preaching
Paul First great missionary of the Christian Church
Constantine Roman emperor who gave freedom to worship
Wycliff First man to translate entire bible to English
Nero Roman empires who made it a crime to be a Christian
Guttenburg Man who invented printing
Glatiator Armed men who fought other men at the coliseum
Constantinipd New capital built by eastern Rome
Myrters Christians willing to give up their lives rather than deny Christ
Pope Head of Romean Catholic church
Catacombs Underground cemetery
Inquisition Special court
Vandles Tribe that invaded Rome
Collisem Huge indoor arena in Rome
Martin Luther Nailed 95 thesis
Manor Land owned by the Lords
Printing Press Most important invention
Crusaders Effert to recapture Juroulism
Germany Pretestant reformation was
Pilgrimage Taken for religious purposes
Knights Promise to help the lords fight their enemies
Pheasants Worked in the lords hand
Monks Lived in monestaries copied scripture by hand
Fall of Rome Began in the Middle ages
Middle Ages 1000 year period after the fall of Rome
Four facts about tropical rain forests Very humid, travel is done by foot or boat, live in huts, hunt for food, have a chief, very hot
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