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Other Nations Explor

Chapter 3 Lesson 4

Mutiny A rebellion against the leader of ones group
Northwest Passage A nonexistent passage that explorers hoped to find in order to go around or through North America .
Giovanni da Verrazano Italian sailor sent by the French King Francis I in 1524 to find the NW Passage. Landed in present day NC and explored northward as far as Newfoundland. Charted the coast and many bays. Met many native Americans but could not communicate with them.
Jacques Cartier In 1534, King Francis sent him to find the NW Passage and search for gold. He made 3 trips. He found the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and sailed up as far as present day Montreal. River rapids stopped his progress. He also found no gold.
Henry Hudson Made four trips looking for NW Passage. First in 1608 found island east of Greenland and Arctic Ocean but was blocked. Third trip he sailed for the Dutch and explored the Hudson River in NY. Last voyage, crew mutinied and he was set adrift in Hudson Bay.
St. Lawrence River A river in the NE part of North America that flows from the Great Lakes and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Explored by Cartier and claimed land for France
Netherlands A country in Europe also called Holland. (Dutch)
Hudson Bay A large body of water in Northern Canada named after Henry Hudson
Created by: psteenhoek