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Health and PE II

a game consists of __ quarters 4
each quarter is ___ long 8 minutes
The object of the game is _______ to score the greatest number of baskets in the allotted time limit
each team has ___ players on the court at a time 5
a shot made from anywhere on the court that counts for 2 or 3 points field goal
an ungaurded attempt for a goal by a player after a foul free throw
term used to designate a defensive player's position near the backboard which prevents an offensive player from acheiving good rebounding position blocking out (box out)
a quick offensive move by a player trying to get free for a pass cut
an aggressive move toward the basket by a player with the ball drive
using a deceptive move with the ball to pull the defensive player out of poisition fake
stepping once or more than once in any direction with the same foot, holding the other foot (called the pivot foot) at its initial point of contact with the floor pivoting
a legal method of blocking without causing contact screen
can be set for both a moving and stationary player for whom the block is set may or may not have the ball screen
an individual foul involving personal contact, which impedes the progress of an opponenet with or without the ball blocking foul
a player with the ball moves into an opponent whose position is legal or whose path is already established charging foul
a player hits the arm or hand of the person holding the ball hacking foul
a player holds the person with or without the ball holding foul
moving illegally with the ball traveling
a player without the ball remains in the free-throw lane more than 3 seconds while their team is in possession of the ball 3 sec lane violation
when a player continues dribbling after grasping the ball with both hands double dribble
a player interfering with a ball or basket, when the ball is on the downward flight toward the basket, on the rim, or going through the basket goal tending
a player holding the ball more than 5 seconds when closely gaurded held ball
the endline baseline
the defensive player gaurds within three feet of the player with the ball closely gaurded
a player is automatically disqualified and imemdiately removed from the game when they have committed either 5 fouls or a single disqualifying foul disqualified player
occurs when fouls are called on two opponents simultaneously double foul
offensive strategy in which a team attempts to bring the ball into scouring position before the defense can set up fast break
defensive strategy in which a team gaurds closely in the backcout as well as the frontcourt (can use zone or man to man defense) full court press
a method of putting the ball into play by tossing it up between two opponents at the start of the game Jump Ball
a defense system in which a direct pass from a rebounder to a teammate with the main objective being to start a fast break outlet pass
a defense system in which each player closely gaurds an assigned opponent man-to-man
a player foul, which involves contact with an opponent while the ball is alive or after the ball is in possession of a player for a throw-in personal foul
a special type of screen where a player stands so the defensive player slides to make contact, freeing an offensive teammate for a shot or drive Pick
method determining who has the ball after a tie-ball and the start of each new quarter (alternates between the 2 teams) possession arrow
a team usually applied when the ball bounces off the backboard or basket rebound
a noncontact foul by a player, team and/or coach for unsportsmanlike behavoir or failure to abide by the rules regarding submission of lineups, uniform numbering and substitution procedures technical foul
a method of putting the ball in play from out of bounds throw-in
Created by: ElizabethI
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