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Benchmark 3 Review

What is the order of succession beyond the vice president? Speaker of the House then Senate President Pro Tempore then Cabinet Officers
What is the order of succession in the Cabinet? State then Treasury then Defense then Attorney General and then in order of creation
What amendent established the order of succession? 25th Amendment
How many terms can a President have now? 2
What amendment established Presidential term limits? 22nd Amendment
How many years can a person serve as President? 10 years (can succeed a President and serve half of that term and still get elected twice)
The President directs the military in his role as _______________________ Commander-in-Chief
Who elects the President? the electors in the Electoral College
Who elects the Electors? the people
How old do you have to be to be elected President? 35
How long do you have needed to be a resident in the US to be a President? 14 years
What other requirement is there in order to run for President? be a natural-born citizen
Presidents often claim to have this. What is the expressed will of the people called? mandate
Who is the head of the executive branch? the President
What does the executive branch do? carry out policy, enforce and interpret laws
What do you call a release from punishment for a crime? a pardon
What do you call a group pardon? amnesty
What is a tool, often of last resort, for a President to enforce foreign policy? military force
Do Presidents try to live up to their campaign promises? for the most part, yes
Which department was once called the Department of War? Defense
Which department has the most to do with foreign diplomacy? State
Ambassadors in foreign countries work out of _________________ embassies
What do we call the civil servants that work for the federal government? bureaucrats
What agency works on shaping and analyzing the budget? Office of Management and Budget
What do we call a government agency, congressional committee,and an interest group working together? iron triangle
What do we call multiple agencies, committees, and interest groups cooperating and competing? issue networks
What is the chief source of federal revenue? individual income tax
Is the income tax a regressive or progressive tax? progressive
What do you call a 12-month accounting period? fiscal year
What do you call unbalanced budget spending where you spend more than you gain in revenue? a deficit
How do you spend more than you gain in revenue? by borrowing
What institution serves as the central banking system of the US? the Federal Reserve
What program helps rebuild cities? urban renewal
What agency deals with the environment? Environmental Protection Agency
What do you call the strategies and goals that direct U.S. relations with other countries? foreign policy
Who has the power to declare war? Congress
How has Congress attempted to limit the President's war-making powers? War Powers Act
Created by: Mr McNair
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