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The policy of establishing ecomnomic, political, and military dominance over weaker dominance. Imperialism
Queen of the Hawaiian islands (1838-1917) Liliuokalani
Leader of American planters who in 1893 set up a government in Hawaii after overthrowing queen Liliuokalani. Sanford Dole
A policy proposed by the US in 1899, under which ALL nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China. Open Door Policy
A rebellion of traditionalist Chinese people who wanted to throw the foreigners out. Boxer Rebellion
Newspaper publisher whose "yellow journalism" influenced public opinion. William Hearst
Creator of the "New York World;"cut the prices so people could afford it; featured color comics and yellow journalism. Joseph Pulitzer
Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers. Yellow Journalism
United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War. George Dewey
Filipino who was lead both the Phillipine revolution against Spain and then the United States. Emilio Aguinaldo
Legislation that severely restricted Cuba's sovereignty and gave the US the right to intervene if Cuba got into trouble. Platt Amendment
Addition to the Monroe Doctrine asserting America's right to intervene in Latin American affairs. Roosevelt Corollary
President Taft's policy of linking American business interests to diplomatic interests abroad. Dollar Diplomacy
Had a robin-hood policy of taking land from the rich and giving it to his men, he was fighting in Northern Mexico, he was a cowboy and was very popular. Francisco "Pancho" Villa
Volunteer soldiers led by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish American War. Rough Riders
Commander of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), was sent by Wilson to capture Pancho Villa. John Pershing
Four month conflict in which American forces defeated Spain in Cuba and the Phillipines. In the treaty ending the war, the United States gained control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillipines. Established U.S. as international power. Spanish American War
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