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civil war test .

how did the fighting of fort sumter unfold? what was the result? licoln was sending suppliees and confederate leader wanted to destroy them. confederate won (first fight in civil war)
what is a border state? list 5 of them the states between the north and the south delaware maryland missouri west virginia kentucky
what reasons did the north and south have for fighting the civil war ? how were their reasons similar ? north: bring the south back to the union south:fight for freedom They both where fighting for their freedom
what where the norths advantages and of fighting in the war? advantages where man power resources Abraham lincoln
what where the noths disadvantages fotr figting in the war ? poor access to supplies poor general no homefield advantages
what where the souths advantages of fighting in te war better geberals homefield advantages better access to supplies
disadvantages from the south less resources no abriham licoln less man power
whats was the norths military strategy ? and how was it suppose to work? ANACONDA PLAN block aids to smother the southern economies
what was the souths military strtegy and how was it suppose to work? KING COTTOn. to get help from other european countries
list the reasons why soldiers on both sides wanted to volunteeer to fight in the war adventure and glory faught for loyalty escape of life of boredom recruitment money
rifle gun with grooved barrel that cause bullets to spin through the air
minie ball bullet with a hallow base , expanded to fit the rifle
ironclad warship covered with iron to withstand attack better then a wooden shiip
the fall of new orleans this was the capture of the largest SOUTHERN CITY and allowed the union to complkete the goal of controlling the Mississippi River and splitting the south in two
bull run the union were held back by general stonewakk jacksons
Created by: A_Ruiz<3
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