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3ed nine weeks exam

camates class

list important changes spanish leadership made to the way goverment was structured and operated in louisiana? checks and balances;spanish oficials trained; superial counsel moved to caloildo
how did O'reilly help preserve french cultuer in louisiana? he created language schools
what was the louisiana colony suffering from during unzaga governorship? food shortage
Spain acqiered all of the___________after the american revolution. gulf coast
someone desened from the french- cajuns
what impact did the second major fire have on the architecture of the city? french quarter turned into spanish architecture
how did the treaty of san lorenz benefit spain and the united states? avoided war; used mississippi river and right of deposit
how did Etienne de bore help the economy of louisiana? he made graduated sugar easyer to make and my profitable
why didnt frnch cultuer develop as strongly in the northeast louisiana as it did in the southern part? english settlers in north louisiana
_________and___________travled to France to convince ____________to sell the ___________to the____________. livingston; monoe; bonepart; isle of orleans; americans.
they soon learned napolean wanted to sell the entire_________for the price of___________ la purchase coloney ; 15million;
To pay for la purchase,________ anged to borrow most of the money from__________. our nation_________in size thanks to the _____________, later carved itnto___diffent states. USA; englend; doubled; LA purchase; 15
world famous scientist and engineer.first spanish governor during creol reolution- Antonio de ulloa
benardo de Galvez- captuerd land along gulf caost for spain; helped fighr; governor after unzaga
sent by jefferson to be lousianas first teritoryal governor- will Claiborn
esteban rodreguez----Miro---- spoke seven languages; governor afer galvez
O'reilly- first irish spanish germy executed 5. a genral and temp governor punisher
French general emergerd from the revolution as frances dictator. dreamt of building french dictator in america soldto USA Napolian Bonabart
Acadians- french speaking catholic colonest from acada
bought the isle of orleans and more to avoid war with france; responsible for the isle of oleans thomas jefferson
map of US and 15 states was carved from-- Louisiana Purchase
creol rev.- oct28-1768 disabled______________ cannons
creol rev.- oct29-1768 ___________and__________ stormed the city ordered Ulloa to leave. creol and german
creol rev.-nov1-1768 ulloa whent to_________ retaliation was certain from spain. spain
creol rev.-nov1-1769 one year later__________ arrived with spanish fleet. 2,000 solders
cajun triangle map are the________parishes. find out anser tomaro
thomas jefferson first vice preident devise a plot to raise his own army; sease conrol of some westrn land and createhis own contry. TRUE! he did and i live in it!!!!
smuggler jean lafitte hung wanted posters ofering $5000 reward for the capture of gov. claiborn TRUE! :(
general andrew jackson led nearly 20000English solders on an invasion of N.O. in war of 1812 FALSE!!! HE LED AMERICAN! SOLDERS NOT ENGLISH! OOOOH
during the first 10 years after state hood louisianas population trippled! FALSE!!!!
durring the yellowfevor epidemic in 1853, bodies were stcked on the street of n.o. because there were not enought healthy people to burry the dead TRUE! poor dead peaps :(
what was jeffersons main goal for claiborn as he directed changes in the territory of orleans? to keep an eye on louisiana and get it ready for state hood. :P
Why was the nurtalsrip created? Describeits location and life there. made for a boundary where neather spain or america could control. it was no mans land and pirets and robbers lived there
How did louisiana police jurries come to be? What were ther responsiblities? each judge appointed 12 men around the aria to advise. the they met once a year to dicuss peops needs.then they became parish govenore. they must pass laws maintain roads. only LA has one!!!!
did louisiana follow the united state contituion compleately?? they did not. just some of it and took other french costitusion parts.
1812 contituton change. only ______ ___ who owned property could vote whight men
Why did the united states declare war on england in 1812? US thought england still wanted collenys and smuggling sailors on ships.
What delima did gov.claiborn face regardings jeans laffets offferto help? deal with his smuggling
What key social changes were brought about by thebattle of orleans? That orleans was there home all togeter
what questions were settedby the addams onis treaty with spain? who owned the neatral stip
what changes took place thanks to andrew jacksons indian policy? Indians were made moved to indian teritoy (oklahoma) made sold land for cheap.
decribe tw important inovations introduced by heny miller shreeve? snag boats and rafts
Impovements for antrbellim La= Steamboats railboats telograpghs levees
slavery living conditions dempending on= realationship with who?? yo owner!
Mardi gra? fat tuesday
congo square laid the foundaion for what 2 cocepsts jazz rythem blues and mardi gras
descibe the privet and public opertunities for education available to yong children durring the antebellum periond most free peoples children were taght at home for lack of schools
list 2 major intituesins of higher educations established during antebellum period. lsu tulane
cajun trinity= onions bellpeper celery
Describe the worst yello fevor epedemic to seap the nation 11 thousand dead
whig bealeafs= strong buisness, state funding, sugar terif
what were the three most imporpotanrt changes inculeded in the costition of 1845 whight men could do politics; moved capital to baton rouge; made parrishes
what were the bealeafs of the citizens of the USA s in manifest destany? bealeaf that usa shoud go to pacific ocean
descibe key changes included the constituion of 1852. removed property counted everyone in repersenteve
date when louisiana was made a state april 30 1812
paul o herbert made blinde mute school
wikkeleaffe built rail roads determined
edward dougalas whight wig governor durring money crises chef of justice of u.s. suffrean court
issac johnson gov. during capital to baton rouge
Andre Bienvenu Roman increased banks; completed new basin canal; economic games
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