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Chapter13 Vocab.JH:)

(Mountain Man) who was leading an expedition to find a route through the Rocky Mountains when he was attacked be a bear. The bear seized his head, and tore offf an ear. Jedediah Smith
daring fur trappers and explorers mountain men
famous mountain man ledgend. Jim Beckwourth
These people brought huge amounts of land land speculator
This trail started in Missouri, and went to Santa Fe. Santa Fe Trail
This trail led from Independence Missouri, to Oregon Territory. Oregon Trail
These groups of people settled in Utah, and were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon
1844, an anti-Mormon mob killed Smith, so this person became the new Mormon leader. Brigham Young
son of a bankrupt Missouri mine owner Stephen Austin
people of Spanish Heritage who considered Texas their home. Tejano
General who was Mexico's President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
A man who had military experience was placed in comamand of the Texas Army. Sam Houston
led a small force including the famous Davy Crockett. William Travis
led a ban of 25 Tejanos in support of the revolt. Juan Seguin
When William Travis's Army fought against Santa Anna's army. They lost, but killed many soldiers, all of them died. Battle of the Alamo
This proclaimed Texas an independence nation Lone Star Republic
Ran against Henry Clay in the 1844 election. James K. Polk
suggested that expansion was not only good but bound to happen, even if you had to push people out of the way. manifest destiny
general, who stationed troops on the Northern Bank of the Rio Grande. Zachary Taylor
An American revolt led by explorer John C. Fremont against Mexican rule. Bear Flag Revolt
Mexican general, battled toward Mexico City. Winfield Scott
Feb. 2 1848, the war officaily ended with this. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Mexico ceded, or gave up, a vast region known as this. Mexican Cession
someone who went to California to find gold, 1849. forty-niner
settlers of Spanish or Mexican descent. Californio
member of one of the oldest Spanish speaking families in America. Mariano Vallejo
A swiss immigrant. John Sutter
1848, carpenter who built a saw mill on a nearby American river. James Marshall
When people rushed to California for gold. Califronia Gold Rush
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