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Civil War Alexa

civil war

How did the fighting at Fort Sumter unfold? What was the result? The South began taking over the federal forts in the south, the fort was still under control but low on supplies. Civil War started.
What is a border state? List the 5 Border states. Slave states that border states where slavery is illegal. Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri.
What reasons did the North and South have for fighting the Civil War? How were their fighting reasons similar? North fought to have the South, South fought for their freedom. Both fought to defend their country.
What were the North's advantages & disadvantages? Advantages: 22 million people, more resources, Lincoln. Disadvantages: Weaker generals, fighting on enemy territory, less access to supplies.
What were the South's advantages & disadvantages? Advantages: Better generals, home field advantage, easy access to supplies. Disadvantages: Less people, less resources, no Lincoln.
What was the North's military strategy and how was it supposed to work? Anaconda Plan, used blockades to smother.
What was the South's military strategy and how was it supposed to work? King Cotton, cotton was big so they traded.
List the reasons why soldiers on both sides volunteered to fight in the Civil War. Boredom, money, adventure & glory, loyalty.
What was the main cause of death during the war? Disease caused by poor hygiene.
What are the 3 types of new military technology ? Rifle, Minie Ball, Ironclad.
The capture of the largest Southern city and allowed the Union to complete the goal of controlling the Mississippi River and splitting the South in two. The Fall of New Orleans
The Union were held back by Gen. Stonewall Jackson's men and were chased away by the 'Rebel Yell'. The First Battle of Bull Run
The 2 sides clashed for a week and the Union was forced to retreat and were officially forced out of VA a few days later after the 2nd battle of Bull Run. Seven Day's Battle
A fierce battle that Grant was able to win because while fighting stopped for a thunderstorm he received fresh troops and was able to beat the weak southern army. Battle of Shiloh
The bloodiest day in American history, where the south retreated and McClellan was fired for not pursuing them and crushing the southern army when he had the chance. Battle of Antietam
How did "Stonewall" Jackson earn his nickname? He held the Union back like a stone wall.
What was the Rebel Yell? When the Confederates launched a counter attack and let out a blood curdling scream as they ran to the Union's lines.
Why did Congress want Grant fired? Why did Lincoln refuse to fire him? Had too many casualties and Lincoln said "he fights."
What were the 3 reasons Lee decided to invade the North? -Lincoln to talk peace -Hoped Europe would join them as allies -give VA farmers a chance to harvest their crops
Why was McClellan fired? Fought all day & no progress was made. South retreated, McClellan didn't pursue to finish them & Lincoln was furious and fired him.
4 reasons why Lincoln was originally hesitant toward emancipating the slaves? Felt he didn't have the power to abolish slavery, didn't want to anger the Pro-Union groups or border states, didn't want the issue to divide the nation further.
Why did Lincoln eventually decide in favor of emancipation? He realized how important slave labor was in the south& make south easier to defeat.
Why did the emancipation proclamation only end slavery in part of the country? Military strategy only affected the South.
In what ways were african american soldiers treated different than white soldiers? They were faced with the worst jobs and paid less than whites.
What were Copperheads? How did Lincoln deal with them? Northerners who opposed the Civil War. Lincoln had them arrested and Habeas Corpus.
What were Laws of Conscription? Required men to serve in the military.
How did the Civil War affect the economies in the North & South? North did good, South suffered.
What new duties did women take on during the Civil War that they had never done before? Plowed fields, ran farms and plantations.
Who was Clara Barton and why is she important? Trained as a school teacher, working with the government when the Civil War began.
What was the most famous Southern prison camp? What were the conditions like there? Andersonville. Starvation, poor hygeine, disease, bad weather.
What was Pickett's Charge? The Confederates attack where they ran directly.
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg important? Lee's hope for a win in the North ended.
What events let to the tides of the war changing in the favor of the North? Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Grant being named leader.
What was the path that Sherman's march took? What was Sherman's Total War? Deep into the South. Which meant he not only attacked his enemy but anything that supported it.
What were Grant's terms of surrender and why did he offer such generous terms? Allowed South soldiers to hold on to their belongings and horses were giving and agreed to feed the enemy troops. He did it to show respect.
What were the combined physical & economic costs of the Civil War? Physical; about 620,000 soldiers died. Economic; years after the war, the federal government was still paying interest on loans taken out during the war.
Why was the 13th amendment passed? To officially ban slavery in the US.
How did Lincoln's assassination affect the country? It had to be rebuilt.
What 2 problems did the country face after the war? How to handle the 4 million former slaves, and how to bring the South back to the Union.
Created by: alexadorwart