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Jac Operations


OFF Time the wheels of aircraft leave ground in departure city
ON Time the wheels of an aircraft touch down on runway in destination city.
IN Time whells are chocked upon arrival
OUT Time aircraft chocks are remove from departing flight.
ACARS ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Inc) Communications Addressing & Reporting System- Digital data link system used for transmitting messages from aircraft to ground personnel.
AOA/RAMP Airport Operations Area- Aircraft movement areas,aircraft parking areas,loading ramps and safety areas,for use by aircraft regulated under 49 CFR Part 1544 and any adjacent areas that are not separated by adequate security systems, measures or procedures.
AOSSP Aircraft Operator Standard Secur Program, Man contains required sec ops proceds 2b followed by all air emps. Pap or elec vers. must b access during aircraft ops at OO stations
APU Auxilliary Power Unit, Internal power source for an aircraft
CAPPS Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System- internal airline comp. syst. used to screen passengers for cetain criteria at check in
CLR Cargo Loadi Report- doc used to communicate wt. and bal info to flight crew. Completed by loading agents to accurately record the items loaded onto aircraft (bagg, cargo passengers)
ETA Est Time of Arrival for aircraft to arrive at gate
ETD Est Time of Departure- Time est for aircraft to depart gate.
FOD Foreign Object Debris or For. Ob. Damage- Obejs trash etc. that can injure personnel & cause dam to aircr when ingested into aircraft engine blown by aircr exhaust(jet blast/prop wash). Agent must p/u & dispose in approved containers when working ramp.
HazCom Hazard Communication- Prog developed to communicate info on hazards of chemicals to empls by use of lables, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) & training programs
IOR Irreg Operations Report- OO internal electronic reporting syt. used to doc. irreg ops (accidnts, incidents, FFF.TSA inspects, etc
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet/ form contain data regarding properties o particular substance. When someone becomes exposed to workpl chems by inhal, touch, ingest. MSDS has firstaid, sign & symp info
PAX Passenger(s)
RON Remain Overnight/ Aircraft sched to remain overnt at station, at gate, parking stand or hanger
SIDA Sec ID Display Area/airpt issued id required to access AOA. Mny aorpts issue airpt id that design area's emps may access. OO ID cards act as SIDA ID media where airpt d/n issue airpt SIDA ID media
SSR Spec Serv Request/ Spec Serv Remark- Request entered in PAX PNR advising agents when spec assit is needed (wheelch, assit to gate,unaccop minor)
UMNR Unaccompanied Minor/ childran between specif ages traveling alone who must be escorted at all times while traveling to dest.
Created by: flemingco
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