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Chapter 13 Vocab KL

A mountain man who searched for a path through the Rocky Mountains. Jedediah Smith
Men who are fur trappers and explorers and finding the best routes through the Rockies. mountain man
A famous mountain man. Jim Beckwourth
People who bought large plots of land and sold little parts for a profit. land speculator
A traveling route from Missouri to Santa Fe. Santa Fe Trail
A popular traveling route from Missouri to the Oregon territory. Oregon Trail
A religious group that traveled to Utah for religious freedom. Mormons
The next Mormon leader after Joesph Smith. Brigham Young
The man who started the Texas colony. Stephen Austin
People with Spanish heritage that consider Texas their home. Tejano
A Mexican president who was a general. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
The leader of the Texas army. Sam Houston
The man leading the defenders at the Alamo. William Travis
A leader of a band of 25 Tejanos. Juan Seguin
The battle were Texans defended a Spanish mission but lost. Battle of the Alamo
The Republic of Texas's nickname. Lone Star Republic
The 11th president that supported expanding the country. James K. Polk
The suggestion that is U.S. will acquire the whole continent. manifest destiny
The U.S. general that protected the Rio Grande. Zachary Taylor
A rebellion of Americans against the Mexican rule of California. Bear Flag Revolt
The general that captured Mexico City. Winfield Scott
The treaty that ended the Mexican war and gave the U.S. a large piece of land. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
A vast region of Mexico that was given to the U.S. in the treaty of G.H. Mexican Cession
Someone who went to California in search of gold. Forty-niner
Settlers of California with Mexican or Spanish descent. Californio
A Californio that owned 250,000 acres of land. Mariano Vallejo
A Swiss immagrant that pretended to be French and received land in California from Mexico. John Sutter
A carpenter that Sutter hired to build a mill. Instead he found gold. James Marshall
A mass movement to California in search for gold. California gold rush
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