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First China Quiz

physical geograhy, climate, resources, etc.

How tall is Mt. Everest? 29,035 feet
What is Mongolia's geography? land-locked, dry, rugged, and lots of grassland and desert
What is Taiwan's geography? green, tropical island
What is another name for the Plateau of Tibet? Roof of the World, b/c its the highest plateau in the world
Describe the Taklimakan Desert. Lots of sand dunes and sandstorms "enter and you will never come out"
Describe the Gobi Desert. world's coldest desert gravel and rock instead of sand
Why is the North China Plain important? It holds the main population of China and is their best source of farmland
What are two other names for the Hunag He River? Yellow River (b/c of loess) and China's Sorrow( b/c of deaths flooding has caused)
What is loess? yellowish, fertile soil that spreads
What is another name for the Chang Jiang River? The Yangzi River
Why is the Chang Jiang important? It's Asia's longest river and is an important transportation route
Why does China's vegetation and climate vary so much? Vegetation and climate changes with elevation and latitude
What does China have a lot of? NATURAL RESOURCES
What is Taiwan's main resource? FARMLAND
Where are most of the larger cities in China located and why? Along the coasts and rivers, for transportation, trade, exports/imports and the resources
Where are the least populated areas in China? Western b/c of the Himalayas, Plateau of TIbet, adn Taklamakan Desert which create poorliving conditions and poor farmland for growing crops
Why are trade and manufacturing centers located where they are? Near water sources - easy transportation for imports and exports Near highly populated cities - many workers and consumers avalible
Created by: meganalbert8