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Pericles Ruler of Delian League, Democratic reforms, building of Parthenon
Hesiod Greek poet, wrote "Works, Days and Theology"
Archilochus Greek poet, new poetic forms
Pindar Greek poet, wrote odes of victory for athletic contests
Sappho of Lesbos Greek poet, woman, wrote about love for other women
Aeshylus Greek playwright, plays moral and religious, hubris
Sophocles Greek playwright, tragedies, moral and religious concerns, "Oedipus the King"
Euripides Greek playwright, last great tragedian, strong female characters
Herodotus Greek Historian, called "Father of History"
Thucydides Greek Historian, called "Father of Journalism", write on Peloponesian War
Thales of Miletus Greek Scientist, debate physics, believe water to be the prime substance of everything, first math guy
Heracilitus Greek Scientist, Believe fire to be the prime substance, influence Plato, believe in universality of change
Pythagoras Greek scientist, all of reality can be described with math, coin term "philosopher"
Democritus Greek Scientist, "father of modern scientist" Atomic Theory
Hippocrates of Cos "Father of Medicine"
Eratosthenes accurately calculate the circumference of the earth
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