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H.Comp-Form tx dry

Form that tx dryness

Xing Su San ext cool dryness in LU
Sang Xing Tang warm dryness injures LU qi at ext level
Xing Su San vs Sang Xing Tang... ext cool dryness in LU = xing su san; Sang Xing Tang = warm-dryness injures LU qi at ext level
Bai He Gu Jin Tang coughing w/ bld spu, wheezing dry sore throat,
Bai He Gu Jin Tang Dryness in LU due to LU, KD yin xu
Bai He Gu Jin Tang transform PHL to stop cough = tx principle,
Zeng Ye Tang dry intestine constipation due to injury of fluids
Zeng Ye Tang xuang shen, MMD, Shu Di Huang, like float the boat, TW, KD6
Wu Ling San accumulation of water damp due to SP def, retention of congested fluids in LW
Wu Ling San urinary difficulty
Zhu Ling Tang Zhu Ling, Fu Ling, Ze Xie, Hua Shi, E Jiao
Zhu Ling Tang promote urination w/out injure yin
Zhu Ling Tang clumping of water and heat diorder where the heat injures the yin
Zhu Ling Tang injury from cold enters YM or SY >>> to ht
Wu Pi San Sang Bai Pi, Sheng Jiang Pi, Fu Ling Pi, Chen Pi, Da Fu Pi
Wu Pi San generalized edema w/ sensatino of heaviness
Wu Pi San skin edema due to SP def w/ vigorous damp and qi stagnation - know ingredients
Ping Wei San damp-cold stag in SP and ST
Ping Wei San main herb = Cang Zhu, best in MM for dispel-damp, stre T&T of SP
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San nausea, vomiting, bor, diarrhea,
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San ext-contracted w-c w/ concurrent internal injury due to stag (generally damp stag)
San Ren Tang xing ren, Bai Dou Kou, Yi Yi Ren (3 nuts, 3 burners UW, MD, LW)
San Ren Tang early stage damp warm febrile disease or summer heat warm febrile disease,
San Ren Tang Xing Ren, Bai DOu Kou, Hou Po, Ban Xia, Yi Yi Ren, Tong Cao, Dan Zhu Ye, Hua Shi
Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan damp warm febrile disease or seasonal epidemic where heat and damp are of the same intensity and at the qi level - pill to eliminate toxins
Yin Chen Hao Tang chief ing Yin Chen Hao = jaundice
Yin Chen Hao Tang yang type or damp heat jaundice and heat accum on interior
Ba Zheng San hot painful lin due to damp heat in LW
Er Miao San damp-ht lodged in LB, foul smelling vag discharge
Er Miao San Huang Bai, Cang Zhu
Zhen Wu Tang generalized edema, KD yang xu, or SP/KD yang xu
Zheng Wu Tang retention of pathogenic water due to KD and SP yang def - warms yang and promotes urine
Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang cold-damp-bi, in the TY
Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang wcd in superficial aspects of ext and muscle layers
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang wcd damp invading channels
Du Huo vs Qiang Huo Du Huo = down, QH = up
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang LV, KD xu w/ painful obsuction which can lead to xu of these organs; joints and lower extrem prob
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