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Chapter 11

Vincente Filisola An Italian working for the Mexican army/ he talked santa anna out of going back to Mexico
Juan Almonte Santa Anna's friend and advisor/ after the battle he identified Santa Anna for the Texans
Juan Sequin A Tejano, who helped the Texans at the battle
Dilue Rose (Harris) wrote a diary about the "runaway scrape"
Jared Groce He let Houston train his army for two weeks on his plantation
David G. Burnett president of Texas during the war
Mirabeau Lamar was given command of the Texas Calvary because of his bravery
Martin Perfecto de Cos Santa Anna's brother-in-law who arrived at San Havinto on teh day of the battle with 600 more soldiers
George Hockley commanded the twin sisters
Edward Burleson commanded the infantry on the left of the twin sisters
Henry Millard commanded the infantry on the right of the twin siters
Sidney Sherman Commanded the infantry on the far left flank
Lamar his calvary was sent to cut off the Mexican's escape
Jose Antonio Menchaca one of the Tejano leaders at the battle
General Edmund P. Gains U.S. army commander in Louisianna
Caro Santa Anna's secretary (butler)
Dick the Drummer him and three fife players played "will you come to the bower?"(LOVE SONG) going into battle
San Jacinto site of the battle on April 21, 1836
Goliad place where Fannin and his men were killed on Palm Sunday
The Alamo place where Crockett, Travis, and Bowie were killed
Harrisburg the Texas government fled from Harrisburg to New Washington to Galveston Island to get away from Santa Anna
Buffalo Bayou a swamp at San Jacinto
Vince's Bayou the Mexican army tried to flee to the bridge at Vince's Bayou to escape
Sabine River the boundary between Louisianna and Texas
Runaway Scrape when the Texans were fleeing eastward to get away from Santa Anna
Invincible The ship that Santa Anna was a prisoner on
Twin Sisters two cannons given to the Texans by Cincinnati
Private Treaties of Valasco Texas Independance, Release Santa Anna, Boundary is the Rio Grande
Public Treaties of Valasco Santa Anna promised never to fight again, All mexican forces would leave Texas, Exchange prisoners
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