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Part II Principles<>

Part II Principles <>

Some stupid term associated with FAST transport. message impulse, or endoneural tube
Some stupid term associated with SLOW transport. trophic, or microtubular network.
Fastest direction of transmission... efferent.
slowest form of transmission... retrograde
spinal level of sympathetics T1-L1/2
What are the cranial nerve of parasympathetic activity? 3, 7, 9, 10
What NT do sympathetic nerve use at pre-synaptic junctions? And at post? ACH at pre. Epinephrine/norepinephrine at post.
What NT do parasympathetics use at presynaptics junctions? And at post? ACH. and ACH.
What dude developed the "general adaptation syndrome" theory? What are the three stages? Selye. Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion.
Who is associated with HIO, DD or BJ? BJ
Who NAMED chiropractic? Weed.
Who is the father of osteopathy? Still.
Who is the father of medicine? Hippocrates
Who is associated with heel lifts, sacral work, x ray rotations Logan
Who is associated with flexion/distract/ Cox technique? McMannis
Who is associated with creating SOT? Major Darnette
Who did the first textbook on subluxation? Langworthy.
Define joint dysfunction. Functional disturbance, no structural change.
Acute nerve compression theory categories of dysfunction? (3) Vascular, Edema, Facilitate. Fuck this stupid question.
Is Wallerian degeneration associated with acute or chronic "nerve compression"? Chronic.
Russ Teames is a? Boner.
What the hell is neuropraxia? mildest form of nerve injury caused by trauma. No damage, just temporary weakness and pain, like a burner or stinger.
What the hell is axonotmesis? Crush or contusion of nerve axon due to blunt trauma. Wallerian damage occurs.
What is neurotmesis? Laceration or rupture of nerve causing all afferent and efferent loss.
Descending inhibition in associated with what anatomical structure? Peri aqueductal grey matter
Peri aqueductal grey matter. Associate with substance P secretion on Dorsal horn which reduces incoming pain info.
Deep joint nocioceptors which are myelinated. Group III
Deep joint nocioceptors which are unmyelinated? Group IV
Some bullshit was created in 1996, what was it? Association of Chiropractic Colleges Chiropractic Paradigm
Vis mediatrix naturae means? healing power of nature
Dude from fixation of motion paradigm? Langworthy
Pioneer of thermography? BJ
weight bearing x rays first introduced by who? BJ
what was the name of the current "theory of nerves" adopted by medicine during BJ's time? Reticular theory
BJ wrote that the primary reason to hold onto the concept of innate was? Legal defense
What field was DD dabbling in before chiropractic? Metaphysis
Intelligence that controls all bodily functions: "Individualized" intelligence
Central goal in chiropractic kinesiopathy
Lowered tissue resistance is the central theme of the neurodystrophic hypothesis. Waste of fucking time.
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