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Illinois State Const

Illinois State Constitution Test Questions for 2012

What branch's main duty is to enforce (carry out) the laws? Executive Branch
The _____________ is the head of the executive branch. Governor
The governor is the head of which branch? Executive Branch
What is the governor of Illinois name? Pat Quinn
The Lieutenant Governor is the ___________ in command Second
Who is in command of the Executive Branch? The Lieutenant Governor
What is the Liutenant Governor's name? Sheila Simon
The Attorney General's name is _____________? Lisa Madigan
What does the Attorney General do? (2 things to know) 1. Serves a the chief legal officer 2. Next in order of succession (first=governor, second=Lieutenant governor, third=Attorney General
The Secretary of State's name is _____________? Jesse White
What does the Secretary of State do? (2 things to know) 1. Keeps the records of teh General Assembly 2. Keeps the records of the Executive Branch
All of the Executive Branch positions are elected to _________ year terms. Four (4)
Each Executive Branch member is elected by the ___________. People
The Governor can call the _____________________into a special session. General Assembly
The Governor can call the General Assembly into a Special Session
The _________________ can call the General Assembly into a special session Governor
THe Governor presents the annual _____________. State Budget
Qualifications for all Executive Branch positions are: (3) 1. at least 25 years of age 2. resident of the state for the past three (3) years. 3. U.S. Citizen
The Governor, Lieutant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State,Comptroller and Treasurer are all positions of the ___________ Branch. Executive
The main duty of the ____________ Branch is to make laws. Legislative
The main duty of the Legislative is to ____________. Make Laws
The Legislative Branch is also called the _________ __________. General Assembly
The General Assembly includes the ____________ of ____________ and the ________________. House of Representatives and the Senate
The General Assembly (the Senate and the House of Representatives) are elected by the __________. People
The qualifications for the General Assembly (Legislative Branch are: (3 Requirements) 1. Must be 21 years or older (at least 21 years old.) 2. Must live in teh district eleceted from for 2 years. 3. U.S. citizen
How many Senators are there? 59
There can be __________ Senator per district. One (1)
What is the name of the Senator from our district? Dick Durbin
THe President of the Senate is the ____________. Leader
How long is a Senator's term? Four (4) years
What are 2 special jobs the Senate does? 1. Tries impeachment cases 2. Approves Governor's appointments
How many members are in the House of Representatives? 118
What is the name of our Representative? Mike Smith
The leader of the Senate is the ___________ of the __________ President of the Senate
What is a special duty for the House of Representatives? (1) Starts impeachment process
*Lawmaking Process* Bills must pass through ________________ ___________. Both Houses
*Lawmaking Process* Bill must be read on ________ ___________. Three (3) different days
*Lawmaking Process* The Governor has ________days to approve a bill. 60 (sixty)
*Lawmaking Process* The Governor can sign or ________(regular, reducation, and amedatory) each bill Veto (say NO)
*Lawmaking Process* What types of vetos may a Governor do? Regular, Reduction, and Amendatory
*Lawmaking Process* The General Assembly can _______-_________ a governor's veto by _______vote. Over-Ride, 3/5 (Three fifths)
*Lawmaking Process* The Governor has sixty (60) days to ________ a bill. Approve
What is the main duty of the Judicial Branch (2) 1. To interpret laws 2. Administer justice in the courts
Who elects memeber of the Judicial Branch? The People
How many courts are there in Illinois? Three (3) 1. Circuit Court 2. Appellate Court 3. Supreme Court
*Judicial Branch* Describe the Circuit Court. (2 items to remember) 1. Lowest Court 2. Most court cases start here
*Judicial Branch* Describe the Appellate Court. (1 item to remember) Hears appeals from the circuit court
*Judicial Branch* Describe the Supreme Court. (2 items to remember) 1. Highest Court in Illinois 2. 7 Members
What are the qualifications for members in the Judicial Branch? 1. Licensed attorney of the State 2. Resident of the District elected 3. U.S. Citizen
*Voting Requirements* How long do you have to live in the district for to vote? 30 days
*Voting Requirements* You must register to vote _________ days before the elections. 28 days
*Voting Requirements* Do you have to be an U.S. citizen to vote? Yes
*History and Facts* Illinois became the _______ state in ______. 21st, 1818
*History and Facts* Where does the name Illinois come from? An Indian Tribe (ILLINIWEK)
*History and Facts* What is the name of the Indian tribe that Illinois is named after? Illiniwek
*History and Facts* How many capitals has Illinois had, and what were they? Three (3): Kaskaskia, Vandalia, and Springfield
*History and Facts* Illinois was controlled by the __________ until they lost the ____________ war. French; French and Indian
*History and Facts* Illinois was first controlled by the French, and then controlled by the ___________ until they lost the __________________________. British; American Revolution
*History and Facts* Illinois was part of the ___________ __________ after the Revolutionary War. Northwest Territory
*History and Facts* The last major war wtih Indians was called the ______ ______ War in __________. Black Hawk War; 1832
*History and Facts* Abraham Lincoln was defeated by ________________ in the Senate election of _________, BUT won the Presidential election of _________. Stephen Douglas; 1858; 1860
*History and Facts* Illinois has a population over ______ million people, about ______ million live in Chicago. 12; 4
*History and Facts* Our last Constitution was written in ________. 1970--we still use this one today
*History and Facts* Howm any Constitutions has Illinois had? Four (4)
*History and Facts* What is Illinois' largest city, and who is the mayor? Chicago; Rahm Emanuel
*History and Facts* How many counties are there in Illiniois and which one do you live in? 102; Tazewell
*History and Facts* The _________ __________ runs incorporated areas. County Board
*History and Facts* What is the state FISH? Blue Gill
*History and Facts* What is the state BIRD? Cardinal
*History and Facts* What is the state ANIMAL? White-Tailed Deer
*History and Facts* What is the state FLOWER? Violet
*History and Facts* What is the state SLOGAN? Land of Lincoln
*History and Facts* What is the state TREE? White Oak
*History and Facts* What is the state NICKNAME? Praire State
*History and Facts* What school district are we in, and who is the superitendant? District #51, Dr. Chad Allaman
*History and Facts* What are the states that border Illinois? (5) 1. Indiana to the EAST 2. Kentucky to the SOUTHEAST 3. MISSOURI to the SOUTHWEST 4. IOWA to the NORTHWEST 5. WISCONSIN to the NORTHEAST
*History and Facts* What lake borders Illinois to the NORTHEAST? Lake Michigan
*History and Facts* What river runs along the WESTERN border of Illinois? Mississippi River
*History and Facts* What river borders Illinois to the SOUTH? Ohio River
*History and Facts* What river borders Illinois on the SOUTHEAST Wabash River
Created by: AWhite51
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