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Herbal Comp-Form ALL

Herbal Comp - Formulas - ALL - 110 - Jason style

shi hui san vomiting spitting or coughing blood and nose bleed due to fire blazing in UW
sang ju yin mild wh w/ cough
wu ling san water buildup disorder, greater yang organ stage disorder, internal accumulation of water damp due to SP def, retention of congested fluids in LW
wen jing tang def and cold in the cv and chong w/ blood stasis, know herbs
ling jiao gou teng tang heat excess in lv channel generating internal wind
gui zhi tang wc deficient
you gui wan kd yang def w/ waning of fire at gate of vitality
bu zhong yi qi tang sp and st qi def or sinking of yang qi due to sp qi def
ju pi zhu ru tang hiccups and dry heaves due to st def w/ heat
xiao feng san wind papules or damp papules due to wind heat or wind damp
yin chen hao tang yang type or damp heat jaundice and heat accum on interior
ma zi ren wan heat induced dryness in ST and int w/ depleted fluids in SP
ban xia hou po tang plum pit qi due to qi and phlegm clumping at the throat where the lu and st lose their ability to move qi down, lv qi sag attacking lu and st
li zhong wan SP/ST cold from def
da huang fu zi tang constipation and abd pain due to cold accumulation in the interior obstructing the flow of yang qi - know ingredients
sang piao xiao san freq urine, incontinence or spermatorrhea due to kd/ht qi def
liang fu wan lv qi stag and cold congealing in the st
zuo gui wan kd yin, essence and marrow def
si ni san yang qi constraint w/ LV-SP disharmony
dan wei si ni tang cold in channels w/ underlying blood def
wu zhu yu tang cold from ST def or LV/ST def, cold attacking MW
gu chong tang abnormal uterine bleed due to sp qi def being unable to govern blood and chong being unable to stabilize blood
ren shen bai du san wcd exterior w/ qi def
dan gui liu huang tang night sweata due to raging fire from yin def, know 6 yellow + what herb
ba zheng san hot painful lin due to damp heat in LW
suo quan wan cold and def of bl due to kd qi def
wu pi san skin edema due to SP def w/ vigorous damp and qi stagnation - know ingredients
huo xiang zheng qi san ext contracted wc w/ internal stag of damp
liu wei di huang wan kd yin def
wen dan tang disharmony betw gb and st w/ phlegm heat dist interior
zeng ye tang dry intestine constipation due to injury of fluids
yi guan jian kd/lv yin def w/ concurrent qi stagnation
qing wei san heat in ST, attacks teeth and gums
ma huang tang wc excess
ding chuan tang cough and wheeze due to wind cold constraining the ext and phlegm heat smoldering in the interior
zhen ren yang zang tang chronic diarrhea or dysenteric disorder due to sp/kd yang def which leads the int to lose their stability and capacity to absorb
xiao cheng qi tang mildly purges heat accumulations
shen fu tang yang def w/ severe def of ource qi and sudden collapse of yang qi - know herbs
liu yi san summer heat w/ interior damp - 6 to 1 hua sha to gan cao
er miao san damp heat lodged in LW - foul smell vag discharge
qing re zhi beng tang uterine bleeding due to heat entering the blood level of the lv channel
yu nu jian ST heat w/ KD yin def - toothache
gan lu xiao du dan damp warm febrile disease or seasonal epidemic where heat and damp are of the same intensity and at the qi level - pill to eliminate toxins
cang er zi san wh attacking nose and head w/ nasal blockage and HA
yu ping feng san spontaneous sweat due to ext def w/weak and unstable lu and protective qi, know herbs
long dan xie gan tang heat excess and/or damp heat in LV/GB
wu wei xiao du yin fire toxin due to ext warm febrile disease, skin - boils carbuncles
zhen wu tang retention of pathogenic water due to KD and SP yang def - warms yang and promotes urine
bai he gu jin tang int dryness of LU due to LU/KD yin def - transform phlegm to stop cough
da chai hu tang lesser yang stage and yang brightness stage
bao he wan food stag from contaminated food, overeating or drinking
xiao ji yin zi blood in the urine due to heat accum in LW injuring the BL collaterals
huang lian e jiao tang fire from yin def affecting the spirit w/ disharmony betw the ht and kd
qing hao bie jia tang heat smoldering in yin regions of body
qing yin tang heat entering nutritive level - fever worse at night
bai hu tang blazing heat in yang ming channel stage and qi level, 4 bigs
ba zhen tang concurrent def of qi and blood
san zi yang qin tang cold in lu w/ food stag, know 3 seeds
si ni tang kd yang def w/ internal cold
si shen wan daybreak diarrhea due to sp/kd yang def
xi jiao di huang tang heat entering blood level
xiao qing long tang wc excess w/ congested fluids, asthma
si zi jiang qi tang cough and hweeze due to phlegm cold obstructing lu and kd is unable to grasp qi
da cheng qi tang vigorously purges heat accumulations
jia wei xiao yao san LV constraint w/ SP def transforming to heat - menses w/ heat
xiao chai hu tang lesser yang stage disease
sang xing tang ext warm dryness in LU
si jun zi tang SP qi def, know herbs
bei mu gua luo san dry phlegm due to lu dryness injuring fluid
qian zheng tang sequelae of channel stroke due to wind phlegm obstructing the channels of the face and head
zhi sou san wind attacking lu, lingering cold
xing su san ext cool dryness in LU
qiang huo sheng shi tang wcd in superficial aspects of ext and muscle layers
chuan xiong cha tiao san HA from ext wind
gui pi tang sp and ht qi and blood def
yin qiao san protective level warm febrile disease in whic wh attacks the LU and protective qi
da qing long tang wc excess w/ interior constrained heat
zhi gan cao tang yin, blood and qi def, lu atrophy due to lu qi and yin def - palp w/ anxiety, irritability and insomnia
zhu ling tang clumping of water and heat diorder where the heat injures the yin
bai tou weng tang hot dysenteric disorder due to heat toxin in ST and int
liu jun zi tang qi stagnation w/ damp, know herbs
tian ma gou teng yin ascendant lv yang w/ internal movement of lv wind - hypertension
ban xia bai zhu tian ma yang dizziness or vertigo, H/A, stifl sensation in chest, naus / vomit, copious spu, white great tcv, wiry-slipp pul; wind-phl upward distrub of wind-phl
tong xie yao feng painful diarrhea due to SP def w/ an overcontrolling LV
xiao jian zhong tang consumptive disorder due to MW yang def which leads to disharmony betw qi/blood, yin/yang, protective/nutritive - spasmodic abd pain
bu yang huan wu tang blood stasis due to qi def - wind stroke
san ren tang early stage damp warm febrile disease or summer heat warm febrile disease, ingredients
sheng hua tang post partum blood stasis in the womb due to cold entering the abd
tian wan bu xin dan ht/kd yin def w/ empty heat disturbing interior
jia jian we rui tang wh exterior w/ yin def
zhen gan xi feng tang precursor to windstroke or windstroke due to lv/kd yin def w/ lv yang rising generating internal wind
huai hua san damp heat or wind ehat toxin ccum in intestines impairing blood vessels and collaterals - hemorrhoids
ji chuan jian constipation due to KD yang and qi def
shi xiao san pain due to blood stasisin the lower or middle abd or epigastrium and chest - irr menses
da bu yin causes fire to descend, tx steaming bone, know herbs
du huo ji sheng tang wcd damp invading channels
ping wei san damp cold in SP/ST - main herb
huang lian jie du tang fire toxin obstructing 3 burners
jin ling zi san pain due to lv constraint w/ heat
si wu tang blood def
wan dai tang vag discharge due to sp def w/damp and lv qi constraint
xiao yao san LV constraint w/ SP and blood def
jin gui shen qi wan kd yang def
sheng mai san lu qi and yin def
xue fu zhu yu tang blood stasis in the chest w/ lv qi constraint - fixed piercing HA
fu yuan huo xue tang blood stasis and qi stagnation due to trauma
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang wc exterior w/ yang def
shen ling bai zhu san sp def w/ damp
ma xing shi gan tang heat in LU
er chen tang damp phlegm due to sp def, know herbs
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