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Herbal Comp-end

Stab & Bind, Calm Spirit, Open Orifices, Ext Wind and Stop Tremors

Shan Zhu Yu Stab KD, ton LV & KD
Wu Wei Zi Contains leakage of LU qi, Ton KD, binds essence, generate fluids, Quiets spirit, *allergic skin disorders and improve LV functions (hepatitis)
Lian Zi Ton qi and stop diarrhea, Stab essence, Calm spirit, *loose stools
Qian Shi Bind stools for chronic diarrhea due to SP lost funct to T&T
Fu Pen Zi Stab and aug KD, Assist Yang, Improve vision, LV and KD def & blood
Wu Bei Zi Stop cough due to LU xu, stops diarrhea: Leakage problem
Fu Xiao Mai Stop def sweating, Calms spirit, Nourish HT, *nightsweats
Long Gu Settle and calm spirit, Anchor LV yang, Palpitations, w. Mu Li
Mu Li Calms, Softens nodules,*larger dosage
Ci Shi Nourish KD, aug LV, KD grasp Qi
Suan Zao Ren Nourish HT and spirit, Aug LV blood, Calm spirit, Prevent abnormal sweating, Palpitations and anxiety due to blood or yin deficiency, *calm spirit, nourish yin, calm HT, insomnia due to HT bld xu, LV yin
Bai Zi Ren Calm spirit, Moistens intestines to help move stool, insomnia HT bld xu and KD yin xu
Yuan Zhi Nourish HT, calm spirit, Dispel dampness and phlegm (upper body/chest)
He Huan Pi “Chinese prozac”, calm spirit, nourish HT, alleviates pain, invig. blood (aches and pain)
Ye Jiao Teng/Shou Wu Teng Calm spirit, nourish HT, Goes to extremities (vine); relieve aches and pain, Unblock channels
Bing Pian Clears heat, Allev pain, Diss nodule, Alleviate itching
She Chang Pu Open orfices, Phlegm blocking orfices
Ling Yang Jiao Ext wind, Controls spasm, Anchor yang, Calms LV Hypertension
Gou Teng Ext wind ,Allev spasm, LV heat, Pacify LV yang, Release exterior wind heat
Tian Ma Internal wind (LV wind), ht or cold
Bai Ji Li Calms LV, Anchors yang, Dispel wind and stop itching
Di Long Drains heat, Stop spasm, Unblock channels, Hot bi
Jiang Can Phlegm and wind, Ext wind, Stop spasm, Stop pain
Created by: carneybrendan