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Herbal Comp - Warm&T

Warm Exterior Herbs, Tonify Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang

Fu Zi Very toxic, Enters HT, KD, SP, Warms fire and assists Yang, Weakness of HT, SP or KD Yang, Acrid, hot, toxic
Gan Jiang-dried ginger HT, LU, SP, ST, Warms LU, tx phlegm, Warms ST, Rescue devastated yang, Expel ext cold
Rou Gui- also cinnamon family Warms KD, Fortifies Yang, Leads fire back to source , *interior cold
Wu Zhu Yu Redirect rebellious qi down, Stop vomiting, Warms middle, disperses cold, relieves constraint
Ren Shen Augment qi, Strengthen SP & ST, Tonify LU, Benefit HT, calms spirit, Sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm, *use dang shen as substitute
Dang Shen Sweet, neutral, LU & SP, Number 1 choice for middle qi deficiency, Tonify LU , Can support qi w/o supporting pathogen
Huang Qi Tonify SP, Raises Yang qi of SP and ST, Tonify Qi and Blood, Boosts immune system/wei qi
Shan Yao -Chinese yam Estrogen-like for menopausal women, T SP/ST, Ton LU qi, Ton KD: stabilize and bind
Bai Zhu Stabilize ext & stop sweating, Stregthen SP, Calm fetus, Dry dampness
Gan Cao clrs ht, harmonizes
Zhi Gan Cao harmonizes
Huang Jing Tonify SP and SP yin/for ST yin def.
Shu Di Huang Cooked rhemmania, Ton blood, Nourish yin
He Shou Wu Ton blood, LV, KD, essence, Secure essence, Stop leakage: vag discharge
Dang Gui Ton blood, Reg menses, Invig and harmonize blood, Moisten int. and unblcok bowels ,Prevent cough (historically), *estrogenic but doesn’t cause cell proliferation , *caution: pregnancy
Bai Shao LV & SP, Nourishes blood, Preserves yin, Adjusts nutritive and protective, *GB34
Gou Qi Zi Nourish and ton LV & KD, Ton yin, Benefit eyes, Moisten LU, *longterm use OK
Long Yan Rou XS pensiveness and overwork, Ton HT and SP, Palpitations, Nourish blood & calm spirit, *gui pi tang
Lu Rong Fortify yang, Regulate penetrating and conception vessels (ren and du), Stabilize girdle vessel (dai), Warms EV’s, qi and blood
Rou Cong Rong Ton KD, strengthen Yang, warms womb, Moistens intestines: facilitate passage of stools (dryness)
Yin Yang Huo Xian ling pi, Fortifies yang ,Ton KD, Expel wind-damp
Xian Nao Ton KD, Fortifies Yang, Damp-cold Bi
Gou Ji ‘dog spine’, ton LV & KD, strengthen sinews and bone, chronic KD back pain
Tu Si Zi Ton yin, Secure essence, urine
Sha Shen Moisten LU, Nourish ST, Gen fluids, ST & LU yin deficiency
Tian Men Dong Nourish KD yin, Clears LU heat, Moisten LU, generate fluids
Mai Men Dong Moist Lu, Stop cough, LU yin, Augment ST yin, Clears HT: elim irritability
Yu Zhu Nourish yin, Moisten dryness, LU/ST dry heat or yin def, Soften/moistens sinews
Sang Ji Sheng Wind-damp, Ton LV & KD, Sinews and bones, Low back, knees, numbness . . .
Nu Zhen Zi Nourish tonify LV & KD, Graying of hair, Clears def heat, Augment LV & KD- vision
Gui Ban N. Yin, anchors yang for yin xu w/ ascent yang; T. LV, KD, strengthens bones, unblocks REN,
Bie Jia N. Yin and anchors yang for yin xu w/ fever / rising S&S, T. Yin, clrs-ht, softens hardness, disp clumping
Created by: carneybrendan