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Herbal Comp-Reg...FS

Reg Qi, Reg Blood, Food Stag Herbs, Invig Bld

Shan Zha Meat or greasy foods, Hypertension & cholesterol (raw)
Mai Ya Reduce food stag, Undigested starchy food, Raw or stirfried: inhibit lactation
Lai Fu Zi Reduce food stag, Tx accumulation: acid regurg, diarrhea. . . ,Move qi, *counters Ren Shen overdose
Chen Pi Improves transporting fx of SP, Reg Qi
Qing Pi Spreads LV qi, Breaks up stag qi, *Distention, pain in chest or breast, Dries dampness, tx phlegm
Zhi Shi Strong and quick, *usually use Zhi Ke: milder for deficient or weak patients
Xiang Fu Spreads and reg LV qi, Alleviate pain (esp lower warmer), *gyn herb/menstrual pain
Mu Xiang Promote qi movement, Alleviate pain, Constipation, Strengthen SP and prevent stag
Wu Yao Promote movement of qi & alleviate pain, Warms KD: incontinence
Chen Xiang Prom movement of qi, Direct reb qi down, Aids KD grasping qi, Alleviate pain
Chuan Lian Zi Prom movement of qi, stop pain, Clears heat, Dry damp, Reg qi, LV/ST disharmony, Kills parasites: roundworms and tapeworms
Pu Huang Invig blood, Restrain leakage/stop bleeding, Dispel blood stasis, *caution pregnancy, *stop bleeding w/o causing stagnation
San Qi “king” of stop bleeding herbs, invigorate blood
Huai Hua Mi Bleeding hemorrhoids, bloody dysenteric disorders
Chuan Xiong Invig blood, Expel wind, Allev pain, HA: shao yang, LV channel
Yan Hu Suo Chinese aspirin, Alleviate general pain due to blood stasis and traumatic injury, Invig blood, Calming
Yu Jin Invig blood, Strongly breaks up blood stasis, Promote move, movement of qi
Chi Shao Invig blood, Cools blood: heat entering blood level—skin and reckless movement of hot blood, Clears LV fire
Tao Ren invg bld, dispels bld stasis, moist intestines, stops cough and wheezing, used w/ menses, ab pain, trauma, flank pain, abscesses
Hong Hua invigorates bld, stops pain in relation to menstruation, due to bld sta,
Yi Zhu Breaks up blood stasis, Dissolve accumulation (in abdomen due to food stagnation) w/ San Leng: more to blood level (Yi Zhu: more to qi level); both for traumatic injury
Nui Xi Invig blood, Expel blood stasis ,Strengthen sinews/bones, 2 forms: Huai Nui Xi: tonify KD/LV; for deficiency, Chuan Nui Xi: move blood stagnation, direct downwards
Created by: carneybrendan