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Herbal Comp-Phl&Coug

Herbs Trans phl and stop cough

Qian Hu Cough, wheezing, thick sputum, Wind-heat, phlegm heat, Redirect LU qi down
Chuan Bei Mu Clears heat, tx. Phlegm, Fire due to yin deficiency, Vs. Zhi Bei Mu: clears phlegm heat for acute LU heat w/ productive cough
Guo Lou Ren Clears & tx phlegm heat, Expands chest, Moisten intestines for dry constipation w/ Yu Xing Cao, Zhi Gen, : LU abscesses
Tian Hua Fen Clears & drains LU heat, Drains heat & generates fluids, Wasting & thirsting disorder, Expels pus
Zhu Ru- bamboo shavings Clears heat in LU, Stop vomiting (heat in ST), Send ST qi down, *morning sickness, cool blood & stop bleeding: nosebleeds
Kun Bu softens areas of hardness, promotes urination, neck nodules, w/ Hai Zao: promote urination, clear heat, reduce phlegm, neck nodules
Ban Xia dry phlegm, descend rebellious qi, throat, *toxic: not longterm, *not for bleeding, depleted fluids
Tian Nan Xing Dryer and stronger than ban xia, Dry dampness, Expel phlegm, Disperse wind-phlegm in channels, Also internal wind: spasm
Bai Jie Zi Warms LU, expel phlegm, *herbal patch externally to help internal disorders: back for asthma
Jie Geng Guiding to LU, Open LU and disseminate LU qi, Benefit throat, Promote discharge of phlegm or pus, *can be used for urinary problems
Xing Ren Cough & wheezing, Moisten intestines, unblock bowels
Su Zi Stop cough & wheezing, Direct qi downwards, Exhalation more difficult than inhalation (LU)
Bai Bu Moisten LU, stop cough, Expel parasite and kills lice (topically)
Sang Bai Pi Stop cough & wheezing, Drain LU heat, Promote urination
Huo Xiang Tx dampness: nauseau or vomiting
Hou Po Promote movement of qi, Tx dampness, Conditions due to XS, Vomiting and diarrhea:, distention and fullness due to XS
Sang Zhu Dries dampness and strengthen SP, Strongly dries, Clears dampness in LW
Sha Ren Tx damp, Promote movement of qi, Strengthen ST qi, *w/ tonifying herbs to prevent them from causing stagnation, Sha Ren, Chen Pi, Mu Xiang = prevent cloying
Created by: carneybrendan