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Herbal Comp-DD...

Downward-Draining, Drain Damp, Dispel Wind-Damp Herbs

Da Huang- rhubarb Drains heat, Purge accumulation, Drain damp-heat, Drain heat from blood: hemorrhoids…Invigorates blood & dispel stasis, *cold, can weaken ST qi: not longterm
Mang Xiao Purge accum. & heat, Moisten dryness, soften hardness, Heat in ST & int., Heat in mouth & throat, Stop lactation
Huo Ma Ren Moisten stools, Nourish intestines, Nourish yin, *mild, gentle
Qian Niu Zi Drives water & heat accum., Expel intestinal parasites, Reduce stagnation
Gan Sui Drain water downwards, *pass water anally, *not for pregnancy; only for robust constitutions
Fu Ling Promotes urination. Leach dampness, Tonify SP, Transform phlegm, Quiet HT & calm spirit
Zhu Ling Promote urination (stronger diuretic), NO tonifying qualities
Yi Yi Ren (NOT ON TEST) Promote urination, Leach out dampness, Strengthen SP, Clears heat
Che Qian Zi Promote urination. Clears heat. Solidify stool. Clears eyes (LV, KD def), Expel phlegm & stop cough. Lowers blood pressure, *leucorrhea
Dong Qui Zi Promote urination, Unblock painful urinary dysfunction: hot Lin sx., Benefit breast: lactation, swollen…
Jin Qian Cao *golden herbs: Jin Qian Cao, Hai Jin Sha, Ji Nei Jin, Expels stones: urinary & GB
Ze Xie Drain KD fire, Promote urination. Leach dampness
Yin Chen Hao Jaundice, Damp-heat or cold
Du Huo Alleviate pain: lower extremities, Dispel wind-damp
Qin Jiao Bitter, acrid, s. cold. Treats HOT bi. Relax sinews. Hot or cold, acute or chronic
Wei Ling Xian Strong moving. Dispel wind-damp. Alleviate pain. Soften fish bones (lodged in throat)
Sang Zhi Dispel wind, Unblock channels. Upper extremities. *twig: goes to channels
Cang Er Zi Very dry. Dry mucous membranes, Open nasal passages, Dispel wind
Created by: carneybrendan