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P.E Terms

Muscles and stuff

What is agonist? The muscle primarily resonsible for producing movement.
What is antagonist? The muscle that relaxes are the agonist contracts to allow ease of movement and mimimise the risk of injury.
What is Stabilisers? Muscles that act to stabilise the bone where the prime mover is is acting to allow efficiency of movement and maximal contractile force to be developed if required.
what is Reciprocal inhibition? When muscles on one side of a bone or joint relax to accommodate contraction on the other side of bone or joint.
The all or nothing principle. The all or nothing principle is a good motto to apply not only in the gym but also in everyday life The physiology definition has to do with the action potentials that are generated within the central nervous system and
The all or nothing principle. Part 2. are shot down to a specific muscle group
What is Capillary density? Your capillaries are small blood vessels that supply your muscles with blood You can increase your capillary capacity and make them more dense by training with light weights in the gym
What is Capillary density? Part 2. or by doing endurance activities such as running rowing for period of time
what is Phosphocreatine stores? An organic compound, C4H10N3O5P, found in muscle tissue and capable of storing and providing energy for muscular contraction. Also called creatine phosphate.
What is Triglceride stores? The optimum state of fatty acids in order to enenable storage.
Define Fatigue resistance.
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