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Herbal Comp Rel Ext

Ma Huang Release ext & disperse cold, Open pores, Facilitate movement of LU qi & controls wheezing, Promote urination and reduce edema
Gui Zhi Adjust nutritive & protective qi, Unblock yang, Warms cold, -used for deficiency, -sweating w/ no improvement in condition
Zi Su Ye *seafood poisoning with Sheng Jiang, Release ext & disperse cold, Promote movement of qi, Pregnancy-calming restless fetus
Jing Jie Slightly warm/neutral, Vents rashes & alleviate itching, Expel wind for wind-cold OR wind-heat, Charred: stop bleeding
Fang Feng Neutral., Release ext. Expel wind-cold OR heat. Alleviate pain & expel dampness, Relieve itching,
Qiang Huo Guides Qi to greater yang channel & governing vessel, Vs. Du Huo: du huo is for lower extremities; Qiang Huo for upper, Taiyang headache: occiput
Gao Ben Vertex headache
Bai Zhi Expel wind & alleviate pain, Warming, Wind H/A in YM area, Open nasal passages, Reduce swelling & expel pus, Alleviate dampness & expel discharge (vaginal)
Xi Xin Acrid, warm-hot, Toxic to LV & KD (1-3 g/day…now: 1-1.5g/day), Release ext, Disperse cold. Alleviate pain, Unblock nasal orfices (congestion), Jue Yin (frontal/orbital/eye HA)
Sheng Jiang warming / used for vomiting
Bo He Acrid, aromatic, cooling, LU & LV, Disperse wind-heat, Benefit throat, Constraint LV qi to flow freely, Promotes measles to come to surface
Niu Bang Zi Disperse wind-heat, Benefit throat, Helps vent rashes, Moisten intestines
Chang Tui Disperse wind, Clear heat. *loss of voice, hoarseness, clears eyes, night terrors in children, *skin formulas to vent rash
Sang Ye Expel wind, Clear LU heat, *LU dryness w/ cough, LV & LU, Clear LV & eyes (wind heat or yin def), *wind invasion with cough
Ju Hua Clears eyes, Clears Heat in LV channel, Calms LV and extinguish wind, *yellow: clears heat, *white: LV yang, *wild: carbuncles, antibacterial, swelling
Man Jing Zi Headache & eye pain, Disperse wind & clear heat, *Head and eyes
Dan Dou Chi (prepared soybean) Release ext for hot & cold, Eliminate irritability/restlessness, *following febrile disorders
Ge Geng Release muscles, clear heat for ext disorders, *tight upper back and neck, *direct herbs to Du Mai (as envoy), Alleviate thirst, Vent Measles, Raises SP yang, *used w/ Sheng Ma to raise SP yang,
Chai Hu clear heat, course/spread LV qi, Shao Yang, Raises Yang Qi in SP def (hemorrhoids, prolapse, diarrhea)
Sheng Ma Raise SP yang, Release ext & vents measles (w/ ge geng), Clear heat & Relieve toxicity
Created by: carneybrendan