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Greek Art


Acropolis literally, a "high city," a Greek temple complex built on a hill over a city
Amphora a two-handled Greek storage jar
Architrave a plain, unornamented lintel on the entablature
Canon a body of rules or laws; in Greek art, the ideal mathematical proportion of a figure
Caryatid (male: atlantid) a building column that is shaped like a female figure
Cella the main room of a Greek temple where the god is housed
Contrapposto a graceful arrangement of the body based on tilted shoulders and hips and bent knees
Cornice a projecting ledge over a wall
Entablature the upper story of a Greek temple
Frieze a horizontal band of sculpture
Kiln an oven used for making pottery
Kouros (female: kore) an archaic Greek sculpture of a standing youth
Krater a large Greek bowl used for mixing water and wine
Kylix A Greek drinking cup
Metope a small relief sculpture on the facade of a Greek temple
Mosaic a decoration using pieces of stone, marble, or colored glass, called tesserae, that are cemented to a wall or a floor
Pediment the triangular top of a temple that contains sculpture
Peristyle a colannade surrounding a Greek temple
Propylaeum (plurarl: propylaea) a gateway leading to a Greek temple
Relief sculpture sculpture that projects from a flat background. A very shallow sculpture is called a bas-relief
Shaft the body of a column
Tholos an ancient Greek circular shrine
Trigylph a projecting grooved element alternating with a metope on a Greek temple
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