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Aegean Art


Corbel arch a vault formed by layers of stone that gradually grow closer together as they rise until they eventually meet
Cyclopean masonry a type of construction that uses rough, massive blocks of stone piled one atop the other without mortar. Named for the mythical Cyclops.
Fresco a painting technique that involves applying water-based paint onto a freshly plastered wall. The paint forms a bond with the plaster that is durable and long-lasting
Megaron a rectangular audience hall in Aegean art that has a two-column porch and four columns around a central air well
Repoussé French, "to push back"; a type of metal relief sculpture in which the back side of a plate is hammered to form a raised relief on the front
Tholos tomb an ancient Mycenaean circular tomb in a beehive shape
Created by: jennylynnbird