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Egyptian Art


Amarna style Art created during the reign of Akhenaton, which features a more relaxed figure style than in Old and Middle Kingdom art
Engaged column a column that is not freestanding but attached to a wall
Hierarchy of scale a system of representation that expresses a person's importance by the size of his or her representation in a work of art
Hieroglyphics Egyptian writing using symbols or pictures as characters
Hypostyle a hall in an Egyptian temple that has a roof supported by a dense thicket of columns
In situ a Latin expression that means that something is in its original location
Ka the soul, or spiritual essence, of a human being that either ascends to heaven or can live in an Egyptian statue of itself
Mastaba Arabic for "bench," a low, flat-roofed Egyptian tomb with sides sloping down to the ground
Necropolis literally, a "city of the dead," a large burial area
Papyrus a tall aquatic plant whose fiber is used as a writing surface in ancient Egypt
Pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt
Pylon a monumental gateway to an Egyptian temple marked by two flat, sloping walls between which is a smaller entrance
Reserve column a column that is cut away from rock but has no support function
Sarcophagus (plural, sarcophagi) a stone coffin
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