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ChiroBoards2: Toxico

ChiroBoards2: Toxicology

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) antipyretic analgesic that causes liver damage (hepatoxic)
Activated Charcoal an absorbent
Acyclovir antiviral (herpes)
Allopurinol used to treat chronic gout
Arsenic: odor odor of garlic
Barbiturates sleeping pills can produce respiratory depression
Benzodiazpine: treats what? treats anxiety
Benzodiazpine: side effects (2) tremors and muscle relaxant
Beta blockers: for what? (2) hypertension and arrhythmias
Beta blockers: blocks what? epinephrine and norepinephrine
Carbon monoxide poisoning: signs cherry red lips; associated with blue mucous membranes
Carbon Tetrachloride used to be used in fire extinguishers. "sweet" smell
Chloroform anesthsia inhalent; toxic to kidneys and liver
chlorpromazine drug used to treat shizophrenia (anticholinergic/antipsychotic)
Cholinesterase inhibitor organophosphate
Cocaine classified as narcotic
Lidocaine used for local anesthetic
Colchicine: for acute symptomatic gout
Cyanide: Taste taste of cherry seeds or almonds
EDTA: Whats its purpose? removes lead from blood chelation therapy
Emetic makes you vomit; given to expel a toxic substance if orally ingested
Epinephrine: used for what? tx for anaphylactic shock
Expectorant Alleviates coughing; an antitussin
Antitussin: does what? relieves chest pain
Gastric lavage pumping your stomach
Haldol: for what? Tourette's disorder
Hallucinogenic drugs: Includes what spice? Nutmeg
Lead poisoning: happens to what kind of factory workers? battery factory workers
Lead poisioning: Blue what? blue gums
Lead poisoning: effects what system? nervous system
Lithium: for what? bi-polar disorder
Lithium: side effect tremors
Nitroglycerine: for what? angina episodes in those with coronary artery disease
Prozac: treats what? (4) depression, OCD, Some eating disorders, panick attacks
Reserpine: Antipsychotic/antihypertensive drug
Salicylates: aka asprin
Salicylates: inhibits what? prostaglandin
Salicylates: assoc. with (3) bleeding, deafness, and Reye's Syndrome
Seconal aka Secobarbital (sedative-hypnotic)
Chloral hydrate for insomnia
Syrup of Ipecac induces vomiting
Tranquilizers: predisposes elderly to ______ fall
Tricyclic anti-depressant
Tyramine: side effect causes hypertension in those taking MAO inhibitors
Tyramine: what is it found in? cheese and wine
Pneumoconiosis chronic resp. disease caused by inhaling minerals/particles
Asbestosis: leads to mesothelioma
Siderosis iron dust
anthracosis coal dust
byssinosis cotton dust
silicosis glass and sand/stone dust (pottery)
Created by: bglasman