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Chiro Boards2: STD's

Chiro Boards Part II's : STD's *(Currently incomplete)

Macule: Description Small Lesion, flat
Macule: Size <.5 cm
Macule: conditions (2) freckle or measles
Papule: Description Small lesion, raised
Papule: size <.5cm
Papule: conditions (2) measles and syphilis
Vesicle: Description Small lesion filled with serous fluid
Vesicle: Size <.5cm
Vesicle: conditions (2) herpes and chicken pox
Pustule: Description small lesion filled with pus
Pustule: size <.5cm
Pustule: cause staph infection due to a furuncle
Nodule: Description and size Hard raised lesion >.5cm
Bulla: Description and size Fluid filled lesion >.5cm
Bulla: Condition phemphigus
Leukoplakia: description and associated lifestyle factor A precancerous lesion seen on mucus membranes and associaed with tobacco use
Impetigo: M/C orgo's (2) staph or strep
Impetigo: Description Crusty lesions found around corners of mouth or on hands on kids
Erysipelas: Organism beta hemolytic strep
Erysipelas: presents as red fiery, advancing lesion on the skin, and fever
Erysipelas: Lab finding Elevated ASO titer
Furuncle: Organism staph
Furuncle: Descript. infected hair follicle that presents as a painful node
Carbuncle Car load of furuncles
Paronychia tender bacterial or fungal hand infection or foot infection
Paronychia: common entry cause puncture skin of foot from rusty nail
Felon infection of finger pad
fungal infections: Diagnosis Woods lamp
Tinea corpus body
Tinea pedis athlete's foot
Tinea ungunum nails
Tinea Capitus Scalp
Tinea Cruris Jock itch
Tinea Barbae Beard
Tinea Versicolor Multiple hypo-pigmented, asymptomatic lesions that vary in color from white to brown.
Aphthous stomatitis pitted ulcer in the mouth
Seborrheic Dermatitis (newborns) Craddle Cap
Seborrheic Dermatitis (adults) Dandruff
Pityriasis Rosea Herald Patch
Pityriasis Rosea: cause virus
Vitiligo autoimmune condition causing depigmentation
Albinism complete lack of melanin
Urticaria wheal (hives) due to allergy to penicillin or food allergy
Pemphigus Vulgaris potentially life threatening condition exhibiting bulla (blisters) on the skin
Acne Rosacea: location face, nose, and cheeks
Lichen Planus Inflammatory pruritic
Created by: bglasman