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Western Civ

Chapter 4, 7, 8

What were the Persians also known as? Arynains
Who brought the Persian tribes together to make a kingdom? Cyrus the Great
What title did Cyrus the Great take? King of Kings
What was the unique feature of the Royal Road? It was the first road that had a timed service.
What was the Persian's Universal Law Code? Data
What was the Cyrus Cylinder? IT contained Cyrus' ethics and what he wanted to do with the Jews, send them back to Jerusalem as long as they prayed for his empire.
What was the Persian's Single Administrative Language? Old Persial
What was the Capital City of Persia? Persepolis
What was the Nowruz festival? It was a festival where people payed tribute to the ruler of Persia from all over.
Hall of a Hundred Columns? This is where people payed respect to the king, but it was only 72 columns.
What did the Gate of All Nations symbolize? Unification
Religion of Persia was? Zoroastrianism (not monotheistic, but has a supreme god)
Who created Zoroastrianism? Zarathustra
Who was the Supreme God? Ahra Mazda
What is the difference between Dualism, Eschatology, and Apocalyptic? Dualism- division of light and dark Eschatology- end of human time Apocalyptic- associated with disaster
Who were the "Pre-Greek" Civilizations? Achaens (2300BCE)-moved into Peolopanasis Mycenaean(2000-1100BCE)- At Crete Minoan(1900-1300BCE)- Mycenaean's absorb Minoans 1300 BCE
What was the Greeks source of getting thing? Trade, they were very mountainous so they focused on trade since they couldn't farm.
The Polis? What does this mean? Also known as Poleis, focuses on male identity (Politics)
Civic Virtue? What is it? Virtue a man finds in his citizenship Virtue= manliness, vir- man in latin
What is the worst thing that can happen to a Greek? Get thrown out of Athens, it takes away their manliness.
Created by: tylerbirch
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