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Presidential events

Veto of farm legislation McNary-Hugen bill
Dawes Plan Coolidge plans collect war debts
Kellogg-Briand Pack 62 nations "outlaw" war
National Origins Act Discriminates against southeastern Europeans
Linburg flight New York to Paris, non-stop
Stock Market crash spark on the great depression, October 1929
Reconstruction Finance Corporation Aids business in the Great Depression
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Highest tariff in U.S. history
Wikersham Commission Study of Prohibition
Young Plan Hoover-Plan to collect war debts
London Economic Conference International approach to world wide depression
Bank holiday Emergency banking act
Securities Exchange Commission Regulates stock market
National Recovery Administration Blue Eagle shot down by court
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Harry-Hopkins Relief
Public Works Administration (PWA) Harold Ickes
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Relief for youth and conservation
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Electricity and conservation measures for 7 states
Wealth Tax Act New Deal answered by Huey Long
Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Insured private savings
Federal Commissions Comm. Regulates radio and TV
Social Security Act New Deal Answers to Townsend
Fair Labor Standards Act Establish minimum wage
Agricultural Adjustment Act Destroys crops, provides
New Deal FDR's slogan
Neutrality Acts Isolationist Legislation 1937
Lend-Lease Arms for Britain and USSR
Arsenal of Democracy Speech that give imputes to Lend-Lease
Four Freedoms War aims
Atlantic Charter FDR & Churchill meet at sea
United Nations 89 to 2
Manhattan Project Atomic bomb
National Security Council and CIA foreign policy agencies
22nd Amendment Limit Presidential terms
Taft-Harley Act Provide for right to work laws
Truman Doctrine $400 million to Greece & Turkey
Marshall Plan $12.5 billion for European recovery
Berlin Airlift Air Cargo to West Berlin
Point IV Assistance to underdeveloped nations
NATO Free world defense shield
Korean police action MacArthur and Ridgeway
"Fair Deal" Truman's Slogan
Containment George Kennan
St. Lawrence Seaway Connects Great Lakes w/ the Atlantic
Federal Highway Project Largest public works project in U.S. history
SEATO Ike's containment - 1954
ANZUS Pact Australia, New Zealand, U.S.
"Dynamic Conservatism" Eisenhower's slogan
U2 incident Francis Gary Powers
Open Skies Mutual survaillance
Trade Expansion Bill President lowers tariff rates
Alliance for Progress Partners with Latin countries
The Peace Corps Help for underdeveloped countries
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency New emphasis on Disarmament
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Bans atmospheric testing
Initiates 24th and 26th Amendments Starts Anti-Poll Tax and Lowered Voting Age
Bay of Pigs Lacked air cover
Cuban Missile Crisis World's first nuclear confrontation
Moscow "hot line" Helps prevent accidental war
Expands space effort National goal for a moon landing
The New Frontier Kennedy's slogan
War on Poverty Office of Economic Opportunity
Civil Rights Acts Strong support for Blacks
Creation of HUD Government assistance in housing and urban development
Medicare Health benefits for the elderly
Elementary and Secondary education Acts Massive federal aid to education
Golf of Tonkin Rationale for escalation in Vietnam
Vietnam Johnson's nemesis
"Gun and Butter" Expanded war and domestic spending
24th and 25th Amendment Anti-Poll Tax & Presidential Succession
"The Great Society" Johnson's Slogan
Environmental Protection Agency established New emphasis on the environment
26th Amendment Lower voting age to 18
Man lands on moon Neil Armstrong
War Powers Resolution President reports within 48 hours
U.S. recognizes China Taiwan loses status
Watergate hearings, Nixon resigns Harold Ford becomes President
WIN buttons Whip Inflation Now
Nixon pardoned Controversial Ford decision
Department of Health and Human Services New Agency for Health and Welfare
Department of Education Education gets cabinet status
Camp David Accords Begin and Sadat
Human Rights Crusade Worldwide Propaganda campaign
Reagan Revolution Reduction of Federal Government
Invasion of Grenada Topples Marxist regime
Bombing of Libya Answer to Terrorism
Tax Reform Act Plug loopholes, lower rates
Director of Budget resigns David Stockman
INF Treaty Eliminates intermediate-range missiles worldwide
Iran-Contra Affair North, Pointdexter, Bush, Reagan
HUD scandal Influence peddling on a grand scale
Savings and loan crisis Bailout cost taxpayers $200-400 billion
25% tax cuts Helped triple the national dept
Strategic Defense Initiative Star Wars
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