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US History

US History Events and Dates

1533 Henry VIII divorces Catherine of Aragon, English Reformation begins
1558 Elizabeth I becomes Queen (Elizabeethan Age) (she's tolerant of Calvinists and Lutherans)
1603 James I becomes King -- less tolerant spurs Puritan immigration
1607 Jamestown founded
1610 cSante Fe founded -- theme Spanish have Florida and West, French have St. Lawrence and Quebec and eventual interior Mississippi down to New Orleans, Enlgish and Dutch have rest of East Coast
1619 Virginia House of Burgesses Established -- theme growth of Home rule (the beeging of demorecy)
1622 March 22 Powatan uprising
1625 Charles I becomes King -- less tolerant (will fight Puritans in Parliament)
1636 Roger Williams banished … starts Providence (RI)
1638 Anne Hutchinson banished to Providence
1640 Barbados finds its cash crop -- Sugar (Virginia will have its Tobacco) -- triangle trade expands rapidly, slavery takes deep root in Carribean
1642 English Civil War starts
1649 Charles I executed
1651 First Navigation Act (restricts colonial trade on "innumerated goods") -- theme tightening English control on Colonies
1660 Restoration .. Charles II takes throne
1664 New York founded (taken from Dutch)
1676 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia (Jamestown destroyed), King Phillip's War (10% die) New England -- theme fight over scarce land
1685 James II (owner/founder of New York) becomes King (restrict colonia freedom Dominion of New England)
1686 Glorious Revolution (William and Mary reestablish protestant dominance) (colonists hope for more home rule, thwarted)
1688 King William's War (French, Iriquois and deposed James II take on English -- catholics vs. protestants)
1692 Salem witchcraft hysteria, 19 executed
1739 Stono Rebellion (slave revolt), George Whitefield starts Great Awakening, King George's War (dispute of Austrian throne)
1754 July 3 Washington defeated at Fort Necessity
1756 Seven Year's war(World War) begins -- theme forces England to collect more taxes--England gets all of East coast
1760 George III becomes King
1764 Sugar Act, Currency Act -- England taxing Colonies without representation
1765 Stamp Act and Sons of Liberty
1767 Townshend Act imposes duties even if you buy from England, new vice admiralty courts
1773 Boston Tea Party
1774 Coercive (Intolerable) Acts closed the Boston port, 1st Continental Congress
1775 Lexington and Concord (shot heard round the world)
1776 Declaration of Independence (second continental congress directs states to draft consstitutions)
1778 French aliance with United States
1781 Article of Confederation ratified
1783 Treaty of Paris (England acknowledges US is independent)
1786 Annapolis conventions discuss government reform and Shays's Rebellion (Springfield tax rebellion)
1787 Nothwest Ordinance (organizes north of Ohio river, east of Miss., bill of rights, no slavery), Constitutional Convention
1788 Federalist papers for NY and Constitution ratified
1789 French Revolution, Judiary Act of 1789
1791 Bill of Rights ratified
1794 Whiskey Rebellion, Miami Confederacy (Ohio valley) defeated Fallen Timbers
1795 Jay Treaty (arbitrate colonial debts to England, and conlonial ship taken by England)
1798 XYZ affair, Alien and Sedition Acts, Quasi-War with France (virginia and kentucky resolutions said sedition act unconstituitonal)
1800 Revolution of 1800 (Jefferson's antifederalists come in power)
1801 John Marshall becomes chief justice (just before Adams leaves office), US defeats barbary pirates in tripoli war
1803 Marbury v. Madison establishes juidical review, Louisianna purchase
1804 Burrr kills Hamilton
1807 British attacks Cheasepeake, Embargo Act halts foreign trade
1808 Prophet and Tecumseh organize tribal resistance
1812 War of 1812 starts (Mr. Madison's war),
1813 Death of Tecumseh
1814 Hartford Convention considers secession and nullification
1815 Battles of New Orleans
1816 Second Bank of US chartered
1817 Rush Bagot Treaty disarms Lake Champlain and Great Lakes
1819 McCulloch v. Maryland -- US bank "necessary and proper" affirms broad power, Adams-Onis Treaty with Spaingives florida to US, Panic of 1819 postwar boom collapses (high unemployment)
1820 Missouri Compromise (engineered by Henry Clay) Missouri and Maine, futher states noth of 36:30 closed to slavery
1823 Monroe Doctrine closes Western Hemisphere to European intervention
1824 Gibbons v. Ogden affirms federal power to preempt state law
1825 Erie Canal completed
1826 Morgan affair kidnapped/killed for anti-Mason expose, Mason coverup
1828 JQ Adams signs Tarriff of Abominations
1831 Trail of Tears
1831 Nat turner Uprising
1832 Jackson vetoes rechartering of Second Bank, South Carolina nullifies tarriff of Abominations
1836 Specie Circular (requires gold and silver payments) tightens credit, gag rule on slavery
1837 Panic of 1837
1838 Missouri Governor order "extermination" of all mormons
1843 Dorthea Dix expose on asylums
1845 Texas admitted to union
1846 Wilmot Proviso proposes no slavery in Mexican lands
1848 Seneca Fall convention, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Free Soil
1849 Gold Rush
1850 Compromise of 1850 (no slave trade in DC, California free, fugitive slave act, ambiguous popular soverighty)
1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin published
1854 Kansas Nebraska Act, Know Nothings (Native American Party) wins New England Elections (Millard Fillmore will win 23% of 1856 vote as its candidate)
1856 Bleeding Kansas, Preston Brooks canes Senator Sumner
1857 Dred Scott (congress can't prohibit slavery in territories), Mormoan Wars (mormans massacre 120 settlers), Panic of 1857
1859 John Brown raids Harpers Ferry
1860 Fort Sumter is attacked by south… states secede, Confederacy formed Jefferson Davis president, Robert E. Lee is general
1861 Battle of bull run (first major battle), Congress passes first confiscation act
1862 Homstead Act… land if you live and clear… theme: Frederick Jackson Turner's view that open west gave consciousness of opportunity
1863 emancipation proclamation takes effect, food and draft riots, July 4th victories at gettysburg and vicksburg
1864 Sherman captures Atlanta
1865 Lincoln assasinated, Sherman's March to Sea, Lee surenders, death toll 620k, Johnson's lenient Recon./Congress refuses
1866 Civil Rights Act 1866, Freedmen's Bureau
1867 Seward's Foly (Alaska), Reconstructions Acts, Military law, Tenure of Office Act
1868 Johnson impeached, but acquitted, 14th amendment
1869 Transcontinental Railroad completed
1871 KKK act
1873 Panic of 1873, Slaughterhouse case liimts power of 14th Amendment
1876 Custer killed at Little Big Horn by Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Rain in the Face Sioux Lakadas
1877 Compromise Rutherfraud Hayes President but end reconstruction
1878 Bland Allison Act authorizes Treasury to buy silver (debtors like silver, more money to pay)
1881 federal trademark law
1886 Haymarket riot
1887 Dawes severalty act divides reservations
1890 Dependent's Pension Act doubles number of war pensions (child war widows)
1890 McKinley Tariff boosted tariff rates (reduces imports) leads to panic of 1893
1890 Wounded Knee Masacre, Sherman Antitrust Act
1892 Populist Party forms (grows out Grange and Farmer's Alliances), James Weaver wins 8% of vote
1893 Panic of 1893
1894 Coxey's Army march on Wash. Beaten up (wanted gov to issue paper money and low interest loans for public works
1895 Run on US Gold reserves, Sherman Silver Act repealed, JP Morgan sells gold to gov. in return for bonds
1895 Japan wins Sino-Japanese War
1895 Booker T. Washington, founder of Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama, gives Atlanta Compromise speech urges hard work and separatism (as separate as the fingers"
1896 William Jennings Bryan "you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold" runs as Democrat and Populist candidate
1896 Plessy v. Ferguson upholds separate but equal
1898 Taylorism
1898 US annexes Hawaii, US Maine blows up in Havana, US defeats Spain in Spanish American war
1899 Treaty of Paris gives US Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam, Cuba "independent", Phillippine insurection
1899 Boxer Rebellion in China, US one of 8 countries to send troups, John Hay sends "note" demanding Open Door policy
1900 Socialist Eugene V. Debs receives 100k votes (factories should be owned by government) receives 900,000 in 1912
1901 US Steel and Dupont and Ford become dominant
1903 Panama grants canal rights, Platt Amendment added to Cuban constitution grants US right to intervene and gives US GITMO
1904 US v. Northern Securities breaks up railroad trust created by JP Morgan
1905 Lochner v. New York, Unconstitutional to limit bakers to 10 hours a day (hostile to government regulation of market) Lochner era begins until FDR
1905 Japan wins Russo Japanese War, Roosevelt mediates treaty at Portsmouth Conference in New Hampshire wins Nobel Prize
1906 Upton Sinclair's The Jungle (muckraker) leads to passage of Pure Food & Drug Act (1906), Meat Inspection Law
1907 Panic of 1907
1907 Indiana passes statute permitting involuntary sterilization of criminals idiots imbeciles and rapists (30 states have themby 1930)
1908 Muller v. Oregon upholds ten hour limit for women (brandeis brief uses social science data on harm to women from long hours)
1909 Taft signs Payne-Aldrich Tarriff didn't cut tarriffs enough, pisses off Teddy
1909 WEB Du Bois (first black Harvard PhD) forms NAACP advocates the Talented Tenth
1910 White Slave Act (Mann Act) prohibits interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes
1913 16th Amendment allows federal income tax and 17th Amendment madates direct election of Senators
1913 Underwood Tarriff reduce tariff rates (increases imports) and adds income tax (6% rate on the rich)
1914 Clayton anti-trust act outlaws price discrimination strenghtens Sherman act, FTC Act creates enforcement agency
1914 WWI begins in Europe (without US) Serbian Nationalist assassinate Archduke Ferdinand, Serbs look for help from Russia, Russia from France… US back assassins side…Germans back Austria
1915 Germans sink Lusitania, KKK revives anti-imigrant, anti-black, anti-Catholic
1916 General John "Black Jack" Pershing invades Mexico chases Pancho Villa for raiding US border towns
1917 Russian Revolution (Soviets/Bolsheviks take power), US Enters WWI, Espionage Act limits free speech,
1918 Wilson announces Fourteen Points (League of Nation), Sedition Act limits free speech, US troups invade russia against Bolsheviks
1918 Flu pandemic kills 20 million wolrd wide, WWI Armistice
1919 Wilson suffers stroke, Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations
1919 Marcus Garvey promotes back to africa movement with Black Star Line
1920 18th amendment prohibition goes into effect (repealled in 1933), 19th amendment grants women sufferage takes effect for Harding in 20
1920 Palmer Raids in 33 cities warrantless earches and jailings of 4,000 people, 400 kept on Deer Island cold outside Boston
1921 Margaret Sanger forms American Birth Control League overturns Comstock laws that ban distribution of information about sex and contraception
1921 Sacco and Vanzetti wronfully convicted, musical commedy Shuffle Along launches Harlem Renassaince
1922 Benito Mussolini (Fascist) gains control of Italy
1923 Teapot Dome Scandal (Secretary of Interior excepted bribes to lease oil lands to Mammoth Oil Co) (comes out after Harding dies)
1924 National Origins Act bans Asian immigrants completely, sets quotas at 2 percent of each nationality residing in US in 1890
1924 Dawes Plan reduces German reparations
1925 Scopes (Monkey) trial (Clarence Darrow vs. William Jennings Bryant)
1927 Sacco and Vanzetti executed , Lindbergh solos across atlantic, Mao Zedong (commie) starts civil war to oust Chian Kai-shek (nationalist)
1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact outlaws war (no enforcement)
1929 stock market crash October
1930 Hawley-Smoot Tarriff raises rates on imports (worsens depression)
1931 Scottsboro Boys wronguflly arrested
1932 Bonus Army attacked for Gen. Douglas McArthur in Washington
1933 US recognizes Soviet Union, Hitler becomes dictator/chancellor
1933 FDR's "First Hundred Days" introduces massive legislation to help poor, bank holiday halts run on banks
1935 Social Security Act gives old pensions, Works Progress Admin. (WPA), Revenue (Wealth Tax) Act raises taxes on Welathy,
1935 NLRA (Wagner) Act guarantees right to unionize and to "collective bargaining", John L. Lewis head of United Mine Workers, creates CIO for marginal workers
1935 Huey Long assasinated (former Senator Louisiana, had advocated "Share Our Wealth" confiscating all family wealth greater than $5 million)
1935 Nuremburg Laws strip Jews of Citizenship and intermarriage
1936 Spanish Civil War begins, German reoccupies the Rhineland (Chamberland's appeasement)
1937 FDR's Court Packing plan fails, but "switch in time that saves 9" NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel rules that Congress has power to regulate interstate commerce
1938 KrisTALLnacht shattered glass riots Jews start being sent to concentration camps
1939 Easter concert of Marian Anderson at Lincoln Memorial, German and Soviet Union sign secret non-agression pact, Germany invades Poland(blitzkrig) WWII begins
1940 peace time draft, Germany invades western europe all the way to france
1941 Lend-Lease Act aids allies, Germany attacks Soviet Union, Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor (Jeanette Ranking votes again against declaring war), FDR prohibits defense contractors from race disc.
1942 US wins Midway, Office of Price Admin, rations food and goods
1943 Soviets defeat Germans at Stalingrad, Allies invade Italy
1944 Normadie invasion, Korematsu v. U.S. upholds Japanese Internment
1945 big 3 at Yalta before VE day, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, VJ day, UN created
1946 Churchill's Iron Curtain speech in Fulton Missouri
1947 Marshall plan aids europe, Kennan design "containment" (of commies) policy, National Security Act creates CIA (central Intelligency Agency, Taft Hartley Act limits union power (permits state "open shop" right to work laws), Levittown massproduction of hou
1948 Commies take Czechoslovakia, Truman recognizes Israel, Berlin airlift, Truman desegregates armed forces, Truman,Dewey, Henry Wallace, Strom Thurmond, Nixon on HUAC accuses state department official Alger Hiss of Espionage
1949 Soviets explode atomic bomb, Mao takes power in China
1950 Korean War starts, China enters, McCarthy (HUAC) alleges communists in Gov
1951 Truman fires Macarthur
1953 Korean War ends, Stalin dies (replaced by Kruschev), Rosenbergs executed as atomic spies
1954 After French fall, Geneva accords partition Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh's commies in north and nationalists in south, Brown v. Topeka Brd of Ed., Senate condemn McCarthy, Communist Control Act makes membership in Communist party illegal
1955 Rosa Parks, King start Montgomery bus boycott
1956 Soviets crush uprising in Hungary, Suez Canal nationalized (temporaily shut down), Insterstate High Act
1957 Soviest fire ICBM and launch Sputnik, Little Rock Nine desgregated Central High School (gov. Orval Faubus resists "blood would run in the streets")
1959 Castro (commie) ousts Batista in Cuba, Kitchen Debate
1960 Eighteen African colonies become independent, Francis Gary Powers U-2 plane shot down, Freedom Riders
1961 failed Bay of Pigs invasion
1962 SDS's Port Huron Statement, Cuban Missle Crisis
1963 Birmignham Campaign (King and many school children jailed), March on Wash (I Have a Dream), Oswald kills Kenedy
1964 1964 Civil Rights Act, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
1965 Johnson launches "Great Society" program halves Us poverty (forgotten fifth), Voting Rights Act regulates southern states prohibits poll tax, Malcolm X assassinated by Black Musslims, Watts riots
1967 Summer of Love Hiaght-Ashbury, 6 day Israeli war
1968 Tet Offensive, King and RFK assasinated, "Shoot to Kill" Democratic Convention in Chicago
1969 Stonewall Inn uprising, Apollo 11 Neil Armstron walks on moon, Nixon begins Aff. Action
1970 US invades Cambodia, Kent State Massacre, 1st Earth Day, EPA created
1972 CREEP's Watergate breakin, Congress approves ERA
1973 Peace agreement of Paris, OPEC oil embargo, Yom Kipur war
1975 Vietnam war ends (North invades, Ford does nothing)
1978 Baake case strikes down quotas but upholds plus factors Affirm action
1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Camp David Accords, Shah of Iran deposed by Ayatollah Khomeini (Carter's hostage crisis)
1981 AIDS epidemic begins, Prime Interest rate 21.5%
1982 Unemployment 10.8%, ERA dies
1984 Regan Aids contras (arms for hostages held in Lebaonon), Gorbachev's Glasnost
1987 Stock market drops 508 points in one day
1989 Berlin Wall ("Poland-10 Years; Hungary-10 Months; East Germany-10 Weeks; Czechoslovakia-10 Days.")
1990 Mandela/DeKlerk dismantle apartheid
1991 Persion Gulf War
1993 NAFTA (north American Free Trade Agreement
1994 Contract with America helps Republicans win House and Senate
1996 Welfare Reform puts time limits on AFDC
1998 House impeaches Clinton
2000 Bush v. Gore gives Bush election
2001 Sept 11 attacks, US invades Afganistan
2003 US invades Iraq
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