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aqa khd relationship

ado l’ adolescent (slang)
agacer to annoy
ainsi in this way
avare mean
bande la gang
bêtise la silly act / remark
bouleverser to upset / distress
compatissant sympathetic
compréhensif/ive understanding
compter (sur) to count (on)
confiance la confidence
élever to bring up
emprunter to borrow
(s’)énerver to irritate (get irritated)
ensemble together
enthousiaste enthusiastic
fâché angry
gâcher to spoil
gêner to bother / embarrass
inconnu l’ stranger
laid ugly
maltraiter to ill-treat
mentalité la the way people think
mentir to lie
mignon/onne cute
moral le morale / spirits
négliger to neglect
orphelin(e) l’ orphan
radin tight / stingy
reconnaissant grateful
réfléchir to think (carefully)
sans-souci carefree
sensible sensitive
souci le worry
Created by: khopgood