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Unit 4, Chapter 8, Lesson 1-3 Summary

frontier the farthest part of a settled country
profit the money that a person or business has left over after all the costs are paid
free enterprise an economic system that lets people decide what to make, sell, and buy
cavalry soldiers who fight battles while riding on horses
blockade to block
plantation a large farm that grew crops to sell
nullify to refuse
sharecropper a farmer who pays part of the crops he or she grows to a landowner
secede to break away from
In the year _______, the U.S. paid Texas $10 million to give up parts of present-day New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 1850
1. The first Texas _____ was held in the city of Dallas in 1886. Fair
A writer named _____ wrote about Texas in 1855. Frederick Law Olmsted
The parts of a country closest to lands that have not been settled yet are called _______. Frontier
In a free enterprise system, the consumers are the people or businesses who buy the goods that are made and sold by the _____. producers
6. Conflicts arose between new settlers and ________ when new settlers drove off or killed buffalo and other animals. Native Americans
The people who buy are called the ____ consumers
The people that sell are called the ___ Producers
Producers are people that ____ sell goods they make
The consumers are the people that ____ buy the goods or stuff
1. The Civil War ended when ______ surrendered to Ulysses S. Robert E. Lee
On June 19, 1865, Union general _______announced that all enslaved Texans were free. Gordon Granger
On the nineteenth of June, many African American families celebrate a holiday that many call . JUNETEENTH
An African American leader who was elected to the Texas Senate in 1869 was named ________. Matthew Gaines
In 1870, the United States flag once again flew over the capitol building in ______ Austin, the Capital of Texas.
Many Anglo Americans felt that Governor _____ spent too much state money and was too eager to help African Americans. Edmund Davis
________ was a period of rebuilding that lasted more than ten years. Recosntruction
The first state to _____ or break away, from the nation was South Carolina. secede
Most Southerners believed states should have the power to _____, or cancel, national laws they did not like. nullify
Ships carrying goods that people needed could not get through the Union _______. blockade
A _____ paid part of the crops he or she grew to the landowner. Sharecropper
Some Texans loved to ride horses, so they joined ______ units. Cavalry
There was a great demand for cotton, and ______ owners grew rich. plantation
Business in Texas enjoys a ______ system, where producers and consumers have the right to make choices. free enterprise
Once the cost of making and selling a product are paid, a producer hopes to make a ______ . profit
Many enslaved African Americans worked in the fields on a ____________. Plantation
The region was not completely settled, so some Anglo Americans still saw Texas as the ________. frontier
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