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transferred fresh water to roman cities aqueduct
outer gament, sighn of roman citizenship toga
located in the center of a wealthy romans home atruim
used to provide strength to roman building concrete
common people of rome pebians
1st emporer of Rome Augustus Ceaser
Roman leader who crossed Rubicon JULIUS CEASER
oldest/wisest men of Rome senate
general/led horses @elephants across alps Hannibal
prophisised powerfull king strong as iron David
roman rulers w/ equal power ruled 1 year consuls
France was called this during roman empire Gaul
torrid 1 tropics
island at the top of Appeninie Peninsula Sicily
climate found on a high mt. highlands
point on a mt. here it snows all year snowline
where trees can't grow timberline
culture influenced Rome Greek
all roads lead 2 Rome Rome
largest mt. system in Europe Alps
Rome City of 7 hills
has absulute rule dictator
language of Rome Latin
n. African city Rome destroyed Carthage
3 wars Rome fought against Carthage Punic Wars
200 years of peace beginning at the roman empire Pax Romania
Romans spread salt after destroying a city
people who lived on Crete mincons
people who live in mainland Myceons
2seas surround Greece Agean ionian
godess of wisdom Athena
'whats the best way 2 live' Socrates
student of Socrates Plato
student of Plato Aristotle
1st frigid
2nd temperate
3rd torrid
famous Greek scientist Achimedes
conquered most of Greece philip2
Alexander used to unite Greeks Leage of Corinth
cuts Greece in 1/2 Gulf of Corinth
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