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Humn 202 exam II

exam 2 people, events, ect

Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital used a scientific approach; focuses Hegelian dialect, class struggle, dictatorship of proletariat
Hegel believed we could reach perfection or a utopia and that history is driven by ideas; believed that there was a world spirit that oversaw all; approach he used was a thesis->antithesis->synthesis->new thesis..continues
Tsar Nicholas II leader in Russia during the Revolution; cousin to King George of England; left the country to be rule by others while becoming a General during WWI
Sergei Witte finance adviser in Russia
Lenin aka Vladimir Illich Ulyanov; Leader of Social Democratic Party in Swiss Exile/Marxists in Russia; in 1902 his vision “What is to be Done?”; in 1921 controls USSR
PA Stoylpin new prime minister in Russia who made reforms; but he arrests, tries & executed rebel peasants; assassinated in 1911
Gregory Rasputin miracle man that helps the Tsar son who has hemophilia; practically runs Russia while Tsar is off fighting in the war; man that would not die
Prince Lvov Prime Minister of Russia during provisional government
Lev Trotsky Lenin's partner
Aleksander Kerensky elected by the Duma to lead a Kudat government during the provisional government
Benito Mussolini Duce aka leader of Fasci organization; editor of Avanti a socialist & communist paper
Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while in prison the book almost replaced the Bible
Gustave Streesmann Chancellor of Germany responsible for reconstructing economy by making a new currency & the meeting of Locarno
Marshal Josef Pilsudki military ruler and increased anti-Semitic in Poland
Thomas Masaryk leader of Czech
Dollfuss chancellor of Hungary
Lenin’s Vision “What is to be done?” in 1902. Rejects cooperation with parliament, development of a mass popular party & propinquity of Revolution. Demands: personal power, revolutionary elite, promotion of the revolution, & violence
Kadets Constitutional Democratic Party wants constitution, democracy, parliamentary regime, civil liberties, economic progress, & constitutional tsarocracy
Social Democratic Party in Swiss Exile Marxists in Russia led by Lenin; splits into Bolsheviks (violent) & Mensheviks (peace)
Red vs. White Russians red supported the revolution whites opposed it; red army eventually overcame opposition
Fascists political anti-democratic, anti-Marxist, antiparliamentary, & freq anti-Semitic group; symbol is a fascicle meaning strength in numbers; nationalism is separate the races
Fasci di Combattimento “Band of Combat” found in Milan 1919 & were veterans of war “black shirts”
Der Reichstag parliament allotted by proportional representation; ministers were responsible to it; the president removed/appointed the Chancellor or head of the cabinet
Article 48 allowed the president to rule by decree in the Reichstag in emergency
Nazis National Socialist German Workers Party that didn’t like the Versailles treaty or Jews & wanted to reunite Austria & Germany
Strum Abteilung army of “storm troopers” lead by Captain Ernst Roehm used to intimidate people & beating Jews & Communist up; known as “brown shirts”
Balfour Declaration promised homeland of Jews in Palestine but did nothing
Russo-Japanese War 1904-5 over Port Arthur; Russia loses when Baltic Fleet goes right thru Japan & Korea @ Battle of Tsushima Straits; Peace conference was held in NJ, USA
October Manifesto 10/17/1905 Tsar agreed to election of Parliament called “of Duma”; but the Tsar would still: appoint ministers, control finances, run military, & run foreign affairs
April 1906 in Russia Duma isn’t pleasing Tsar so he dissolves it & again in February 1907
March 8, 1917 in Russia Riot in Petrograd Tsar orders army to shoot to control it but army regenes & ministers resign
March 15,1917 in Russia Duma calls for Tsar to give up crown ending Romanov Dynasty
The Big 4  Woodrow Wilson from USA with 14 Points  George Clemenceau from France  David Lloyd George from England  Vittorio Emmanuelle Orlando from Italy
Latern Accord peace between state and church in Italy; Vatican became the official church
Nov 1922 in Italy Mussolini becomes dictatorial authority for a year & places many fascists in office
1926 in Italy Italy is officially a dictorial state
Locarno meeting with France & England to work out an agreement about the future & becomes a part of league of Nations
James Weldon Johnson The Creation
Langsten Hughes The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Let America Be America Again, & I too sing America
Countee Cullen Yet do I marvel & Heritage
James Joyce The Dead
Virginia Woolf A Room of ONe's Own
William Faulkner Barn Burning
Katherine Mansfield The Garden Party
Created by: midnight1854
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