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US Symbols

3rd grade

Landmark is an important natural or human feature that marks a location.
Statue is a monument built to honor or remember a person, an idea, or an event.
Mount Rushmore This is a sculpture of 4 US presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Images of their faces are carved into a cliff in South Dakota.
Holiday is a day set aside for remembering a person, an idea, or an event.
Patriotic Symbol is something like a flag that stands for the ideas in which people believe. The liberty bell is an example.
United States Flag 13 stripes (13 colonies) and 50 stars (50 states) Red stands for courage, white for liberty and blue for truth and loyalty.
Bald Eagle is the national bird of the US. It only lives in North America.
Liberty Bell located in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is another patriotic symbol. It was rung after the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Monument is built to honor a person or an event in history. It can be a sculpture, a fountain, a building or any lasting marker. An example is the Washington Monument.
Memorial helps keep the memory of a person or an event alive. The Lincoln Memorial helps people remember President Abraham Lincoln
Betsy Ross Believed to have sewed our first flag.
Pledge of Allegiance is a promise that people make to be loyal, or true, to the United States.
The white in flag stands for liberty
The red in the flag stands for courage
The blue in the flag stands for loyalty and truth
What is the name of our national anthem The Star Spangled Banner
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
Flag is sometimes referred to as "Stars and Stripes: and "Old Glory."
What day is Flag Day June 14
Statue of Liberty stands in the New York harbor. It was a gift from France and is a symbol of freedom.
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