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aqa khd size

aqa khd size,age and appearance

combien? how much/many ?
comment? how ?
peser to weigh
pointure la size (of shoes)
taille la size
adolescent adolescent
âgé old
aîné elder
ancien/enne former/old/ex-…
avoir …ans to be … years old
bébé le baby
cadet/ette youngest/younger
jeune young
né le.. born on the …
neuf/ve (brand) new
nouveau/elle new
vieux/vieille old
avoir l’air to look/seem/ appear
beau/belle beautiful/good-looking
dur hard
joli pretty
plein full
propre clean
sale dirty
sec/sèche dry
sembler to seem
sévère strict
strict strict/severe
vide empty
casse-pieds a pain in the neck
équilibré (well) balanced
fatigant tiring
heureux/euse happy
impoli impolite/rude
malheureux/euse unhappy
méchant nasty/naughty
paresseux/euse lazy
plein de vie full of life
timide shy
travailleur/euse hard-working
Created by: khopgood