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Ancient Near Eastern


Apadana an audience hall in a Persian palace
Capital the top element of a column
Cuneiform a system of writing in which the strokes are formed in a wedge or arrow-head shape
Cylinder Seal a round piece of carved stone that when rolled onto clay produces an image
Facade the front of a building. Sometimes, more poetically, a speaker can refer to a "side facade" or a "rear facade"
Ground Plan the map of a floor of a building
Hierarchy of scale a system of representation that expresses a person's importance by the size of his or her representation in a work of art
Lamassu a colossal winged human-headed bull in Assyrian art
Negative Space empty space around an object or a person, such as the cut-out areas between a figure's legs or arms of a sculpture
Relief sculpture sculpture that projects from a flat background. A very shallow relief sculpture is called a bas-relief (pronounced bah-relief)
Stele (plural: stelai) a stone slab used to mark a grave or a site
Ziggurat a pyramid-like building made of several stories that indent as the building gets taller; thus, these structures have terraces at each level
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