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Gonstead 1st test

where was Clarence Gonstead raised? in Wisconsin
Who was his Chiro who inspired him? Dr Olsen
Where did gonstead graduate? from Palmer school of chiro in Davenport Iowa in 1923
Where was Gonsteads 1st office? in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin in 1924 over a bank building
Gonstead was one of the first chiros to use what? radiography and fluoroscopy
Where did Gonstead go to study human cadaver spines? Lincoln chiro college
Why did Gonstead study human cadaver spines to help understand func anatomy and biomechs of spine
What is the foundation of gonstead? that the foundation of the spine starts @ the pelvic girdle
What does a stable pelvis ensure? balance, durability, and stability.
Small changes in the foundation cause ______ large deviations above
What is the facet joints main function according to gonstead? what are they not designed for? is to guide andlimit movt of the motion segment, and they are not designed for wt bearing
For dysfunction to result in the facet joints, what must have occurred? a positional dyskinesia must have occurred @ the disc
What does postural mm tone contribute to? to minimal energy expenditure
What gives the most reliable info for the location of the subluxation according to gonstead? the analysis of the dis, and the change it undergoes
When does Gonstead define a misalgnment as a subluxation? only when this misalignment causes irritation to the neural structures, resulting in nerve dysfunction
What are the general indications of a subluxation? pain, inflammation, swelling, palpatory tenderness, ischemia, neuro dysfunc, spasticity, hypomobility
What is fixation? And what may dysfunction be limited to? limiation of intersegmental ROM, dysfunction may be limited to one axis of rotation
What are compensations usually? Compensations are usually hypermobile, and moves within its normal elastic limits, or in a range beyond normal regional articulations.
What may a compensation involve? may involve 1 segment, or many
Why do compensations occur? in order to correct balance or equilibrium, they make up for lack of movt elsewhere in the spine
There may be many compensations in the spine, but few ___ subluxations
What is the gonstead formula? find it, fix it, leave it alone
What are the assessment tools to locate the subluxations? visulaization, palpation (static and motion), instrumentation, xray, hx, pain sydromes, sx, exam findings
The thrust in gonstead is low ____, high ____ and _____ Through the plane line of the _____ the thrust is low amplitude, high velocity and sustained, thru the plane line of the DISC
How is specificity accomplished in Gonstead? by using lines of correction from line drawings, torque, accruate contacts, counts, and use of landmarks
Specific joint tensions @ ___ but not ____ specific joint tension @ VCS but not locked
What are the 4 mechs of maintaining postural balance in the spine? vestibular system visual relation to the horizon wt distribution around a central axis postural mm tone
how are pi and as determined by xray? ilium ht
which has a larger ilium ht, pi or as? pi
how are ex and in determined on xray? ilium width
which has a greater ilium width, ex or in? in
listed side of l5 lumbar body rotation may or may not be? may or may not e subluxated side
Dot @ s2 and dot @ symph pubis and line made b/w two... if closer to the line it is as ____ and if it is further it is ___ closer it is: ex further is it in
what is the actual distance? the actual distance in the distance that would result after pelvic rotational corrections have been made to the femur head ht
pi and ex ilium listings have ___ femur head hts lower
as and in ilium listtings have ___ femur head hts raised
give an ex of the 5/2 rule for every 5 mms of as or in correction, the femur head ht will lower 2 mms
Heal lift use: anatomical distance exceeds __mms lumb scolosis & vert body rot is to _____ as leg length deficient there are no major ____? the pt is neither too ___ or too ___ ___ and ____ of pt -anatomical distance exceeds 6 mm -lumbar scolosis and vert body rot is to the same side as deficien -there are no major malformations or OA changes present - pt is neither too young or old -lifestyle & probable compliance of pt
What is the final decision on heal lift? on what part the lef deficiency plays in the pts postural dysfunction and what benefits may be derived
what has a smaller obt foramen on xray? as ilium
what has a larger obt foramen on xray? pi ilium
what causes edema @ the post-inf and ant-sup margins of the si joint? pi and as ilium
what leaves the sacrum psterior on the involved side? as ilium
what leaves the sacrum anterior on the involed side? pi ilium
what causes a decrease in the lumbar lordosis? as ilium and in ilium
what causes an increased lumbar lordosis? pi ilium and ex ilium
what has an obt foramen that is wider @ the base? ex ilium
what causes edema @ the post margin of the si joint ex ilium
what causes the ft to flare inwards? ex ilium
what causes the obt foramen to appear narrower@ the base on xray? in ilium
what causes edema @ the anterior margin of the si joint? in ilium
what causes the ft to flare outwards? in ilium
Created by: margaretrhager