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Early Amerircan Hist


The trading of goods,animals and disease was known as? Columbian Exchange
In 1492 he discovered the Bahamas that he mistook for the Far East. Christopher columbus
What were the names of the three ships Columbus sailed to the new world on? Nina, Pinta, And the Santa Maria
They sponsored Christoper Columbus west ward expedition and set Spain on her course for developing vast empire in the western hemisphere Ferdinand and Isabella from Spain
In 1499 he discovered the new world wasn't Asia and published his findings on this new continent Amerigo Vespucci
He was a Venetian that was sponsored by King Henry V11 he explored the coast of N.America 1497-1498 John Cabot
In 1513 the spanish establish a province in Cuba. Who was the governor who also went to Florida in search of treasure and fountain of youth? Ponce De Leon
In 1519 he lead an expedition from Cuba and began the conquest of the Aztec Empire Hernando Cortez
In 1531 He captured the Incan Fortress "Sacsayhuaman" which led to the fall of the Inca Capitol Cusco Fransico Pizarro
The Incas built this high in the Andes mountains Machu Picchu
In 1610 spanish take over the golden city of Cibola. They made Sante Fe the new royal province. Who lead them Juan De Onate
Spanish used this to force Indian land and labor. Under this control many natives were worked to death Encomienda System
In 1680 the spanish had almost taken over all Pueblo land. Who lead the revolt that drove the spanish out of New Mexico for a decade? Pueblo Shaman Pope
He lead the French challenge to Spain, new Mexico adn explored the Gulf of St Lawrence then established a short lived colony in 1541 Jacques Cartier
In 1608 he followed Cartier 1/2 a century later & established colonies in Nova Scotia, Quebec as the capitol of New France Samuel de Champion
In 1682 he followed the Mississippi river to Gulf of Mexico he found New Orleans and claimed it for France and King Henry X1V. Robert la Salle
In 1577 He charged S.America and began to attack ships for England then went west ward following Magellan 1519 Sir Francis Drake
What seven European people or nations were responsible for discovery and expedition of the New World? Scandinavins/vikings, Italians Columbus & Vespucci, Dutch/Netherlands, Spanish Isabella & Ferninand, Portugese, French and English
In 1587 he established an English colony off the coast of the N.Carolina on Roanke Island. The war with Spain would hold up their return voyage for 3 years. When they returned they found the word "Croaton" carved in the fence post Sir Walter Raleigh he est English colony
The first English permanent colony.Established 1607 along the James river in Chesapeake bay Jamestown
He had strick work orders no work = no food he traded with the Indians which improved relations Captain John Smith
A way to offer land. The Virginia company offered land to anyone willing to go to the new world or pay someones passage.They had 50% chance of dying Headrights
1639 "Foundamental Orders" Consensual government was not limited to church members, freedom Connecticut Colony
Confederation of tribes that played the Europeans off against each other allowing the Iroquois to hold on to their land & even expand it/ they were the fearcest fighters Irquois League
He challenged secular authority of puritan leadership in Massachusettes calling for "Separation of church and state" he was banished from Massachusette Roger Williams
In 1638 her charismatic preaching and challenge of puritan it society led to her banishment from Massachusettes in 1638. She went to Rhode Island home for dissenters Anne Hutchinson
Massachusettes became christian common wealth, w/voting limited to church members & church leadership in charge of the secular government. This lead to problems John Winthrop
The Carolinas' establih colony began 1669 funding if Charlestown. The propriety colonies would have religious freedom & ethnic plurglism Charlestown
In 1681 The Quaker bargained for indian land for colonies of Pennsylvania. Created a flexible government allowing change depending on the run of each town and city William Penn
In 1634 Maryland colony was founded under religious reasons. "Catholic" colony "St. Mary" named after virgin Mary founded as a catholic refuge. Land granted to Lord Baltimore. Refuge for English catholic St. Mary
in 1620 a group of Puritans sailed west landing outside jurisdiction. This aboard the Mayflower signed"compact" creating consensual government. 1/2 people w/Puritans Plymoth Mayflower Compact
In 1637 Massachusettes & Connetticut settlers w/help of the Narragenot Indians oversaw complete dissolution and enslavement to take over Pequot tribes land Pequot War
In 1732 he est Georgia colony as a barrier to Spanish Florida.Envisioned as christian, Utopia, the colony banded rum and slavery James Olge Thorpe
1664 the Dutch est. New Amsterdam 1626 Charles II granted land to his brother Duke Of York. 1664 an English fleet & soldiers seized the city for England and renamed it New York New York
1630 est. under commercial charter to north of Plymouth w/charter in hand Puritans soon took political control of this colony. North of Plymouth create puritan common wealth Massachusetts Bay Colony
Contracted servants work for fixed # of years in return for transportation to the New World. 4-7 years of work for freedom,tools,money,clothes and food Indentured servants
1692 20 people killed, more than 100 others arrested-until governors wife got arrested then the governor released everyone. Feuds & property disputes could have led to some of those persecutions Salem Witch Trials
In 1735 he was charged w/slander when he critised the governor of New York. He wasnt lying "freedom of speech" he was found innocent. Newspapers used this to judge officials more John Peter Zenger trial
Baptized children of church members could be admitted to this membership. They couldn't vote nor take communion Halfway Membership
Burst of intellectual activity."Rational inquiry,scientific discovery & individual freedom."Age of discovery"John Edwards &George Whitfield The Enlightment
Religious movement,stresses devote repentest promising individual salvation & was beyond the control of Puritan church The Great Awakening
1691 English crown issued requiring toleration of dissenter & changing the right to vote to be based on property holding, rather than church membership Massachusetts Royal Charter of 1691
The shortage of indentured servants caused the need for more laborors Growth of Slavery
Charles II restored to the throne. All trade would now be controlled by the mother country.Colonies would be exploited for new materials & act as Markets for finished goods from England Mercantile System
Series of laws England passed over 75 years beginning 1760 that affected colonial trade. The colonies began smuggling to avoid trade restritions Navigation Acts
English Lords moved to replace catholic King James II w/protestant daughter & her husband."William & Mary" They assumed the throne 1688. The change set a further precedent of revolt against the monarch. Lack of blood shed Glorious Revolution
Certain counsel members of the king.This group would enforce that the colonies served England's economic interest. "The Lords began appointing "custom officials" to enforce these policies Lords of Trade
Such as Governor Dobbs "They held authority over most colonial matters & answered only to King & parliament. This increased resentment in American colonies Royal Governors
Catholic King James II came to the throne w/the death of his brother Charles II. He moved for greater control of the colonies by establishing this____. Creating one large colony out of New England & including New York colonies Dominion of New England
In 1688 he was appointed as royal governor of Dominion of New England "giant colony, he answered only to praliament & the king, He disbanded colonial assemblies in New England,levy new taxes, & clamped down on smuggling. He alienated New England colonist Edmund Andros
They controlled the money. The governor increased in power but still had to go to the colonial assembly as they controlled the $$. This limited his power to some degree Colonial Assembly
1696 replaced the Lord of Trade. This new board was given greater Administrative powers over colonial affairs by Parliament which further alienated the colonist Board of Trade
Created by: aimeenunez
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