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War between states

Chapter 14- War between the States(1861-1885)

Anaconda Plan Winfield Scott's plan for slowly cutting off the Confederacy's ability to make war
Appomattox Courthouse April 9th, 1865, Lee met Grant where they agreed on the terms of surrender. Confederates would lay down their weapons and go home.
Army of Northern Virginia under command of Joseph E Johnston; delayed the Union advance into Richmond
Army of the Potomac McClellan took McDowell's remnants and new recruits and drilled them into an impressive force
Battle Fredericksburg Burnside launched repeated attacks against entrenched Confederates on the outskirts of _____________. 12, 000 Union death along Mire's Heights; Burnside broke because of losses and Lincoln fired him and was replaced with Fighting Joe Hooker
Battle of Antietam Lee and McClellan; 24,000 deaths total (bloodiest day in US history); Le retreated to Virginia; Battle was a draw; Lincoln used this to announce the Emancipation Proclimation; Lincoln fired McClellan and replaced him w/ Burnside. Tie but U claimed victory
Battle of Atlanta Sherman surrounded Atlanta and forced Hood to retreat. The Union gained the South's most important railroad and manufacturing center
Battle of Chancellorsville Hooker took 130,000 men to Federicksburg; Lee split his army into three; half to Jackson to flank the Union position and surprised the Federals; fought for three days; Hooker lost and retreated; Jackson killed by friendly fire
Battle of Cold Harbor Left 7,000 Union soldiers dead initially. Soldiers refused to fight when ordered to attack again. Dubbed "Grant's slaughter pen"
Battle of Gettysburg June 30 advance party of Confeds. under Lee clashed with Fed. under Gen. Meade and drove the Feds back; July 1 Lee attacked on both flanks but the U. forces held. Straight assault on the U. forces on Cemetery Ridge. The two sides lost < 50,000 men
Battle of Missionary Ridge Grant ordered George Thomas to create a diversion. Union surprised Southerners and took the ridge. Bragg retreated to Georgia and Jefferson Davis replaced him with Joseph Johnston; Grant promoted to commander of Union forces
Battle of Nashville While Sherman was marching towards Savanna, Hood launched an invasion of Tennessee. Thomas repulsed Hood's attack. Union forces completely destroyed Southern forces and Hood retreated South
Battle of Perryville Bragg attacked Don Carlos Buell; failed and had to retreat into Tennessee
Battle of Shiloh April 6th 1862, Johnston force's of 40,000 attacked U. force under Grant neat an abandoned Methodist Church; U. was surprised and fell back to the Tennessee River; Johnston died; Grant counter attacked and drove the enemy back; each side lost over 10,000
Battle of Stones River aka Battle of Murfreesboro; two days of hard fighting with a rest on New Year's day. Bragg pushed back the Federals, but reinforcement came from Nashville and Bragg was forced to retreat.
Blockade-runners merchant ships who ran the blockade to bring supplies into Southern ports
Border States slave states which did not secede from the Union: MO, KY, MD, DE
Braxton Bragg replaced Sidney Johnston; was not loved or respected by a single Union soldier; had plan to retake Kentucky; Kentuckians rallied to the Union
Chickamauga "River o Death"; Bragg beat Rosencrans in 2 dys o fightin & Ros.left; disaster was eluded thro the valor o Gen G. Thomas who covered recedin forces; Thomas aka Rock o ___________; big win 4 the Con; Bragg caught the U.A. @ ______. & threatened 2 starve it
Conscription the drafting or compulsory enrollment into military service
Copperheads Southern sympathizers in the North. Named after a poisonous snake
Emancipation Proclamation After the battle of Antietam, as of January 1st 1863, Lincoln declared that all slaves in rebel controlled territories would be freed
First Battle of Manassas Aka. First Battle of Bull Run. Confederate victory at Bull Run; South was relieved and confident and the North was demoralized
Fort Donnellson on Cumberland River; 20,000 Confederates; Grant starved them out
Gen. Joseph E Johnston commander of the Army of Northern Virginia; engaged McClellan at Fair Oaks; wounded in the battle
George B. McClellan Lincoln replaced McDowell with _________ after the defeat at Bull Run; formed the Army of the Potomac
George Thomas He commanded a small Union force defeated the Southerners at the Battle of Mill Springs which forced the Confederates from Kentucky
Gettysburg Address Lincoln address at the dedication of the cemetery recognizing common courage and sacrifice of the soldiers of the North and South
Ironclad an iron plated warship
J E B Stuart Lee's cavalry commander; sent to raid Pope from the rear at the Second Battle of Manassas; raided Pope's HQ while the general was away
March to the Sea Sherman's plan to end the war by marching his forces 300 miles across Georgia to Savanna. Did $100M damage to Georgia which was a deadly blow to the material and morale of the Confederate war effort
Merrimac An ironclad built by the Confederacy on the abandoned hull of a damaged Union warship and renamed the CSS Virginia. Sailed against the Union blockade at Hampton Roads
New York Draft Riot mobs attacked Government officials and the city's black population. New Yorks was home to immigrants who did not understand the war and who did not want to fight
Peninsular Campaign McClellan moved his troops up the peninsula between the James and York rivers and attack Richmond from the East. He could then send a separate force from the North and crush the capital in the grip of the two armies.
Pickett's Charge End o the battle o Gettysburg. July 3rd, Lee made final attempt 2 dislodge the U. by orderin a charge on the center o the U. forces along Cemetery Ridge; Virginia veterans under Pickett formed a mile long line & marched in2 a furious barrage; over 50,00
Robert E Lee appointed by Jefferson Davis to command the army; launched 7 days battle; pushed McClellan's grand army back to the James River
Second Battle of Manassas Aka Second Bull Run. Pope's Union army was sent reeling back to Washington and Lee had practically driven all Federal troops from Virginia
Seven Days Battles June 25th to July 1st - included battles at Gaine's Mill, Savage's Station, White Oaks Swamp and Malvern Hill
Siege of Petersburg Grant encircled __________, VA for 9 months. Sherman's army reinforced Grant.
States Rights Each state was an independent entity joined in a compact of Unions, but maintained their separated identity without being subject to a centralized national authority.
Thomas J. Jackson A Virginian, called "Stonewall Jackson" by Bernard B.
Trent Affair Confederate Government commissioned two agents to go to Europe to seek aid. The Navy forced the captain of the British ship Trent to surrender the agents. This outraged Britain who demanded an apology and the release of the agents.
Ulysses S Grant One of the North's finest generals; slight and looked common plac
USS Monitor Union's first ironclad; only had two guns mounted in a revolving turret; the _______ and the Merrimac battled for over four hours; first clash between iron ships
Valley Campaign Jackson took 15,000 Confederates and ranged up and down the Shenandoah valley, defeated two armies and pinned down 50,000 Federal troops before slipping out of the valley to go to Richmond to stop McClellan
Vicksburg key to the Mississippi campaign; Grant failed to capture it in December; tried digging a canal and failed. Union out-maneuvered the Confederates and laid siege and starved them out
West Virginia When VA seceded from Union, citizens of the western mountainous region refused to follow. Federal government recognized the pro-union state and congress admitted it to the union on June 20th 1863
Wilderness Campaign Grant marched to Richmond with 122,000 troops. Lee blocked his advance which led to the month long, costliest and most desperate period of the war
William Tecumseh Sherman Grant left him in charge of the troops at Chattanooga, TN
Fort Henry on Tennessee River; was easily captured by Grant
David G Farragut Union Naval commander; led Union fleet up the Mississippi and captured New Orleans
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