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American Studies


Nathaniel Hawthorne Minister's Black Veil, dark romantic
James Russel Lowell The First Snowfall, romantic, fireside poet
Oliver Wendell Holmes Old Ironsides
William Cullen Bryant Thanatopsis, poet, nature brings joy to people, To a Waterfowl
Edgar Allen Poe The Oval Portrait
Sacajawea Valuable guide to Lewis and Clark
Vice President John Adams
Secretary of War Henry Knox
Attorney General Edmund Randolf
Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
John Marshall Secretary of state, during M vs M, did not deliver the papers
James Madison New secretary of state, left in charge to deliver the papers
William Marbury Outraged he did not recieve the papers, sued Madison
Electors Voted for two names for the presidency, electoral college
Legislative Branch Congress, makes the laws
Judicial Branch Interprets the Constitution, Supreme Court
Executive Branch Enforces the laws, president
Ammendment Basic rights guaranteed to all citizens
Precedents Acts that would serve as examples in later years to gain power in office
Protective Tariff Heavy tax on some manufactured goods imported into the U.S.
Excise Tax Tax on goods made and solf inside the country to be placed soley on whiskey
Whiskey Tax An excise tax, many farmers disliked it
Moral of Minister's Black Veil Do not judge other people, everyone has sins
1st National Bank Provided currency for the country, government could deposit money and also get loaned money
Bonds Paper notes promising to repay the money borrowed during war in a certain amount of time
Speculators People who buy stocks, or bonds, or land fofr the purpose of selling it for a profit later when the prices increase
Treaty of Morfontaine Negotions between France and the USA
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Stated the alien and sedition acts were unconsitutional
Theme of Thanatopsis Nature brings joy and comfort to those who love her
12th Ammendment No longer required electors to cast a ballot for the president and vice president, the person with the second higest number of votes would automatically become the vice president
Romanticism Emotional, imaginative, idealistic, nature, child
Tripolitan War
Lousiana Purchase (cost) $15 million
Lousiana Purchase (area) Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains
Embargo Acts Stopped all ships except foreign ships from leaving the country without cargo
Non-Intercourse Act Repealed the embargo act
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