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York's Great Depression Study Stack

Why were key industries in trouble? New forms of energy were avaialable, new houses were on the decline
Why did farmers suffer after WWI? They overproduced after WWI, crop prices fell
Why did many people invest in the stock market during the 20’s? They thought it was a sure thing, and the market continued to rise
Why were banks failing? People were going on bank runs, and banks had lost depositors $ in the stock market
How many were unemployed(%)? 25
Speculation Making Risky investments
Black Tuesday October 29, 1929: The day the stock market officially bottomed out
Buying on a Margin paying a small % of a stocks worth, while borrowing the rest
How were men affected by the depression? The felt they had failed their families because they were supposed to be the breadwinners, some left their families
How were women affected by the depression? Married women were discriminated in the work place b/c they were taking jobs of married men
How were children affected by the depression? They were malnourished, and many gave up their dreams like college b/c they simply couldn't afford it
Where did many people who were affected by the Dust Bowl move to? Cali Cali
Hoovervilles makeshift villages that were put together in major cities and were named after Hoover
Dust Bowl TX,NM,OK,KS,CO all areas affected by overplowing, drought,and high winds that produced large dust storms
How did Hoover believe that American’s should handle the depression? Figure it out on their own
How did many American’s view Hoover as a leader? heartless
Describe what happened to The Bonus Army? Patman bill promised vets $ early, they came to Washington, and were forcibly removed by the army.
How did Hoover expect American’s to keep their jobs By asking business owners to not lower wages
What was The New Deal? FDR's plan ro provide relief,recovery, and reform through a series of agencies and laws
What was FDR’s first step as president? bank holiday
What are fireside chats, and what was their purpose? FDR's radio chats where he informed the American people of what he was doing.
How did Huey Long gain support? By discussing the deficit that New Deal Programs were bringing
CCC 18-25 year old men who were planting trees, fighting fires, and getting paid $30 a month
AAA paid farmers to plow under crops, destroy their crops, and was later proved unconstitutional
FDIC provided depositors insurance on their deposits
WPA provided millions of jobs in the arts, construction, writing, and even sewing
Social Security Act provided "old age" insurance, unemployment insurance, and aid to dependents and the disabled
TVA established to build dams and provide electricity to rural areas of Tennessee
NYA gave youth part-time jobs, counseling, and even rectreation
HOLC extended employed citizen's mortgages and lowered interest rates
Who was FDR trying to help with the 2nd New Deal? farmers and workers
How did FDR treat minorities during The Great Depression? women and African Americans were highlighted, while Mexican Americans were ignored
What two types of media became popularized during the depression? movies, and radios
What did people use the media to do? escape reality
How were many artists projects funded? WPA
What were some lasting effects of The New Deal? (how did it affect the gov’t?) promoted Deficit spending, that was historically unheard of
What agencies lasted and are still around today? TVA,SSA,FDIC,FHA
Created by: mooyork